Monday, 20 January 2014


The Tories and Labour starred they feel compromised by these leaks and strange is it not that they are the only ones that state this?!

I believe there is a reason for this and I think you will find I have referred to this all the way along in this blog and stated this for over ten years before it's inception!

Because I strongly believe, regardless of the REAL REASONS, that consecutive governments in the UK have been seeking out to the Americans in more ways than... TEN! LOL!

This would mean both the Tories and the Labour Party and am dumbstruck at how naive sand stupid the news media have been regarding this! After all the homes and jibes about us being the Americans lapdog for years you would have thought someone somewhere would have realised and dug it up?!

But no.

I think what they feel now is absolute fear that these secret agreements will come to light at some point?! I mean if I was stood enough to commit treason and sell out my country as well as my people for personal gain I would be getting pretty compromised too!

I would also need several boxes of clean pants!!

UK 'complacent' over spying leaks

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