Sunday, 26 January 2014


Well I will have to tell a friend about what I have just heard. But then I know my posts go off to twitter and then Facebook. He is on my Facebook list so hopefully should see this.

Cannot find this on the BBC News app as yet but a report starred that three, not one or two but three, London Borough Local Councils have been setting their parking attendants illegal targets to hit when giving out parking tickets!!

A personal favourite of mine as a parking ticket led to me being physically assaulted and then defrauded out of £4,000 plus. Not a bad profit margin for a £40 ticket that should never have been issued?!

I parked in a parking bay that had an hour of the day you could not park in it. Not only was I in a very old automatic Golf that flooded but this one hour restriction was to stop people parking there all day. Like going off on a bus or train to work and leaving it three sort of restriction. I mean why else would you have a restriction of only one hour?

This was enforced, very literally enforced, by a Jason Reeves on behalf of JBW Group on behalf of Waltham Forest Council. I contracted all three regarding what happened and they all lied about what happened, then kitted about his much they received, broke a dozen laws on top of all that and then totally ignored me.

The useless, lazy and corrupt Police did feck all so I told them to their face that the very next bailiff I see with an order given by what are obviously crooked/bent courts will be leaving in s body bag. They said fair enough?!

Oddly I have tried to get a bailiff to return to my home and they will not do it?! I guess my reputation precedes me but I might just get one very soon.

You see that is the beauty of the way I plan things... suing me for money?

Do come or don't come, I win either way!

Do not come here at all no matter what for or how much and you just make me look correct in everything I stated.

Do come here and I am afraid to say that you will not escape with just a hand against your throat and the other first clenched and about to plough through your face! As I explained to the Police, it is obviously a process that is not police and nor is there any governing body and a law into themselves and they know it too! Therefore I see them and every Steffi of the process as corrupt and illegal and therefore criminalise that fine here with the intention of using physical force against me while leave here in a body bag with a stomach full to the brim of that paperwork crap they bring with them.

This way not only do I get revenge while they get what they fully deserve but I get to force the issue because there is no other way and I get to go into court.

When I do get into court I will tell them exacting what happened previously and that I have waited for this opportunity for 5 fucking years!! Now where the fuck is my £4,000 and the good damn damages too?!

All the paperwork to this is online as is details of witnesses I had one of which was intercepted by someone writing for the bailiff who lied to me and said she would help me.

Of course when the witness vanished I then found the name of thev woman I handed his details to had her name enduring a book she had previously told me was a pack of lies called The Bailiffs Handbook. The only way she would do that after everything she Todd me was that she lied and secretly worked for the bailiffs. She had also fooled a great desk of people on a website called the Consumer Acton Group website. Probably convinced people by getting them much smaller payments than they were due so that the physical attacks could go unnoticed.

Oddly when I told her about her name on this handbook she was shocked that I found out and askd me how I found out. I said I was damn good. Oddly I then never heard from her ever again!

Something... tells me she will be hearing of me again?!


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