Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Well after all that I leave the hospital and head for the bus stop for the 307 bus back to Enfield.

I am sitting on the top deck of the bus at the front and cannot believe what has just occurred and from the Doctor at Chase Farm who simply FAILED to see a headphone bud in my ear, despite it being WHITE, to the refusal yet again of the syringing. I wonder if anything else can happen today that goes south for the winter.

I get a mesage on my phone.

I take a look at my phone and an attractive women has clicked yes on me on PLenty of Fish and I send her a message as this cheers me up. I tell her I am surprised as well as flattered. SHe answers with 'LMAO Sorry I pressed the WRONG BUTTON!'

SO yes it could get worse! LMAO!

I put the phone into my right pocket and setlle in for the journey and looking around for things of interest and only a few minutes go by and I am thinking of the possibilities I was deliberately wound up when the phone starts to ring.

I pull the phone out of my pocket and see the number os witheld so thinki uts a friend of mine ringing about some Bearded Dragons and a Vivarium. Well it WAS a womans voice but not my friend.

The voice informs me that she is calling from NHS England?! She then says that she is phong me to do a survery regarding my recent complaint regarding my last GP Surgery. I am now thinking how strange this is that I am 15 minutes after leaving the hospital when I get this call. Also they do these things via text message and NOT by phone call. I have never and EVER had a survery done by someone calling me!

She asks on a scale of 1 to 5 how satisified I was with 1 being extremely satisfied and 5 being extremely UNSATISFIED. I state calmly that I am extremely unsatisfied to which she simply states 'OH'. I am then asked the same thing about the two reports I received and I state the exact same thing again ans she also states her 'oh'. The whole thing is repated a third time when she asks me if I would recommend the complaints procedure to anyone else and I say 'most definitely not!'

Now those reports were posted up on here. IN the NHS England one it states that if I wanted to take it further I would have to go via the PHSO, which I have long since known via the sarcasm of the PHSO. Also on here, lol.

SO riddle me this....

The survery woman then tells me that she is most concerned at this and that she is going to hand my complaint and report to ANOTHER department within the NHS and told that I am still not happy?!

Say whaaaaaat?!?!

Also remeber this riddle....

I handed in a nine page report to my OLD GP and not the NHS to...stir things up a little!!

So the choices when it comes to reasons are just two

1) Either I knoe exactly what I am doing or....

I arrive 30 minutes later at my friends store in Baker Street in Enfield. He asks what happened and I simply put the offending silicone earbud ontop on the aquarium next to his counter.

First he looks confused, then shocked and the bursts out laughing and states "You wanna keep that quiet, that will be extremely embarrassing after everything you said" and I laugh too and point at him before saying...

"Yeah, but not half as embarrassed and that bloody Sowt Efdikaan who did not see the fecking thing" to which his eyes go wide and he doubles over with laughter sayibng "oh bloody hell, YEAH!"

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