Friday, 31 January 2014


I have now sent an email to one of the Rats of the sinking ships...

Dear Helen

I receieved your letter and was very curious about it, sorry no pun intended.

You contradict yourself a little I am afraid as you first state that Very, or rather Shop Direct, did not make you aware of the issues I had with them or the contact and yet you go straight into this abysmal attempt to intimidate monies not due. After all if they lied why would you then be stupid enough to then believe them a second time when they state that I only contacted them once over a repair?!

Secondly I am also well aware that Debt Collectors are crooks because I have already been physically assaulted and defrauded out of £4,500 by JBW Group and Bailiff Jason Reeves which will be attended to this year and all the law breaking will stop. All of it.

Thirdly how is it that I provide the Judge and the Court with enough proof, yet you make it sound like it is not enough proof.

But I gave the court direct links to things posted on the Inetrnet of several of the phone performing its faults, prrof that the ohone was sourced from America, how I spotted that it was used and from America and I even had Motorola send me an email?!

These and all my correspondences with Very Catalogue AND Shop Direct, who ignored around 45 emails thinking that they have eberything tied up via corrption in the UK via minions like youselves, the bailiffs and the courts. If not you would never have stated the things you do in the letter that you sent to me.

BECAUSE, and here is the very key point in all this. If I was a GENUINE and honest bbusiness man or woman I would be furious with Shop Direct for witholding infromation.




Now I believe I have made my point here. is NOT over becase, you see, I have still come out worse off here!! I am not going to let that lie I am afraid.

Because I now only do I have a disability but I have very wrongly and illegally, if not it SHOULD BE, had my credit rating affected.

Now I am going to make the following as CRSYTAL CLEAR AS I CAN...

I have had this shite phone for two years and it has been frustrating and worst of all it has cost me money and added to all that is that is that I thought I had someone who coupld supply me with goods, albeit criminally expensive and more so with interest, and it turns out the are just sellling the British public shoddy goods.

What I also find odd is that I have provided you with both a blog address and some YouTube emails, but WHY?!

I already told Shop Direct all this and now you know what I gave the courts so WHY am I having to tell you?!

Also I will point out what so many large companies and organisations missed and also what I told the courts....

The blog is not just about Very and Shop Direct, oh no not by a long shot! It is about corruption in some very major public offices and services and the data I present on my blog has been used by an MP in the House of Commons. The blog is also plastered all around the Internet and in comparison to the others I am battlin as well as beating you and Shop Direct are small fry.

My biggest battle has the NHS, and I mean their HG at NHS England not a nurse in a clinic, running around like headless chickens and has very recently withdrawn to complaints reports of an official complaint. Why?

Because fot the last three years I have been recording severy single convesation, neeting, appointment and test I ever had and not just the NHS either. The Police, all Ombudsman, Local Councils (four to be precise), HMRC, GCHQ and MI5 and a number of organisations supposed to advise the public.

DO you know what they all have in common?

1) They run their businesses BADLY
2) They lie and cheat
3) Ergo they do not perform the jobs to which they are paid and when this is public taxes this is bad.

Do you know how long I have been going with the blog and how many VISITORS I have?

I have barely been going 18 months with it and have attraacted 100,000 visitors and by my calculations that by the end of 2014 this should be around 1 Million, or near as damn it.

Do you know how I managed to do all that I did?

Because when a ship is sinking the humans try to help each other while the rats will scramble over the heads of others to survive therefore turning on each other!

The difference between a rock and a hard place is that the rck is steadfast, while the hard place is just an unpleasant place to be.

I intend and it now cannot be stopped for not only every member of the British Public to know the truth behind every closed door in this country but what is best of all and the government organisations are only just now figuring out is that, the Internet os GLOBAL and not just nationwide.

So yes, tell all this to Shop Direct, why don't you and in the meantime try and figure out how you, the court and Shop Direct are going to stop from being hated by a vast majority of the British public?! As I stated to the courts, EVERYONE is being scrutinised by me and it is my strong belief, and certainly seems that way from what I am hearing, that many courts and Judges may be corrupt too and allowing the physical violence wo go on?!

I also know all the tricks to, the manipulation of the dates to get liability orders?! Ooohhh I must admit that WAS a good one, very somple and effective. Oh except I cottoned onto that one and explain to people on my blog on how to look for the corruption and put a stop to whatever they are going through.

I do it all for free by the way and have already had eome nice things said about me and I seem to get a follower a day currently?! In fact sometimes I get two and before long that will be the norm and then three and four each day. But I keep telling people you cannot go by folloowers and I vidit places regularly but I do not follow many. Too many notificiations going through to my phone and too many emails.

Oh yes and I also help advise a number of campaign groups now.

YOu will be hearing of me again durjing this year no doubt, as someone told me my blogs pop up everywhere. But then I have been focusing on the media right now as most others are dead and buried it is simply and merely a matter of time.


Martin Haswell BSc

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