Thursday, 30 January 2014


I witnessed something rather odd.

There was a report on flooding in Somerset on Sky News and a number of statements trotters were making were bizarre.

Not seeing anything like this on the need for weeks and noticing this I thought it about time that the news groups did something about highlighting it. But their choice of words were self destructive for anyone with working grey matter. They stated about how the water was above cesspits and that they could not use water fur washing up or even the toilet. A nasty sludge covered their homes inside and out. But in their desperation to make it now look and sound as bad as possible they kind of dropped themselves in it.

The reporter stated..."It has been like this for over a month"?!

I immediately thought, so it has been this bad for that long and only now you are covering it?! Rather embarrassing I think and could not believe they said that, hideout there will be more statements without any forethought?!

But it did not end there. They spoke to members of the family but the husband was curiosity absent. The mother did not look happy at all and you might be thinking that this would be painfully obvious but no.

She looked and sounded as if she was thinking what I had previously thought...'we have lived like this for a fecking whole MONTH and the first person to arrive fecking late is a bloody reporter to revel in our misery?! Or maybe it is just me? Lol! She seemed pretty pissed off about everything and I for one do not blame her. There was probably someone who realised that I have been attempting to get across on here for 18 months?

The news groups are very good at two things, telling you his good the other half live and how only mostly dimwits seem to have money and fame. Or they are showing you the worst atrocities to scare the living daylights out of you to cause blind panic. Then of course there are the things that they VERY CURIOUSLY do not report upon.

In my case what I was shocked mostly about was no correspondence whatsoever. Not even a thanks and an acknowledgement of the horrors that continued for two decades?!

Now someone that I know, or at least knew, was very good at getting the wetting end if the stick with me. Every so often I would get accused of things without being given a reason. Sometimes with some people you can have so many dreadful things happen that you can suspect everyone and everything. Must be a horrible life to live like that. But they said something to me that was very of and very apt, despite how crazy iu can sound. It was something I often used to think based on mathematical probability.

"Don't you feel your living some kind of giant test?!"

This was out to me and I answered "Well, Yeah!" I had thought this for years and it was very weird to have someone ask me this.

Now it is very, very simple to explain this and with two different branches. After awhile when you have acquired enough health problems going undiagnosed and when you have been through enough horrors you star to ask yourself the most obvious question any save person would ask...

..."Why does this keep happening to me?!"

I was not asking this of myself about one lot of things but instead TWO LOTS of things.

Anyone that knows about the laws of probability of even just Yin and Yang knows that over time everything equals out? But thus far I am the living exception to this rule as everything has always give wrong no matter how much effort I put in to avoid it.

This blog and my other blogs is another attempt at balancing out the Yin and Yang. Except this time I decided that I would go at it for three years and see where we are at?!

As for the News Groups I would be getting worried right about now but also realising it is probably far too late. It is possible that it took a nationwide flooding to create the wrist upheavals to make people focus on things they had previously ignored?

If I was a politician or anyone else in the public services I would be extremely worried right now! But it would be far too late. I think they now realise this because they have thrown there kitchen sink at it, it the British Army, lol.

So flooding that might asker the course of history? Hmm sounds almost BIBLICAL to me?!


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