Sunday, 19 January 2014


Right here is the first one of no doubt a long list that I have never EVER heard of, so yes obvioulsy widely used by the public then?!

Now this one is a realy beauty indeed....ahem I mean terribly worrying of course?! LMAO!

Oh and we have such great communities here in the UK where everyone gets along like a house on fire and there are never any shootings, knife crimes and you go months without seeing or hearing a siren sounding? Oh now wait that is HOURS not months! LMAO!

You see there are a dozen offices and I have been provided nothing in the way of costs for rent, rates, utility bills and nor are there any expenses given but I will go back and check all once again and whatever I do not find out I will request once again.

Still even with these little details, or not as the case may be, the salaries bill comes to ...

£38.5 MILLION!! LOL!

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