Sunday, 26 January 2014


Is it not so damn funny?!

The sensationalism that congress from a simply line hurried out into the wild as a headline and yet they think not of what they say before the say it!!

After moaning like anyone business about the banks and the way they are run the BBC and it's halfwitted two faced bosses still not over the fact they harboured a paedophile ring now want to attack someone else for wanting to destroy business?!

I just simply do not get it. I have convinced myself for a long time that they have created to many terms in so many industries that they have created their it ten language and forgotten what English actually is asking with their touches on reality.

Right now here is the first salvo and granted a little early and yet when presented with such a fine example of absolute incompetence as will add the two evil sides of the same face I feel compelled to act.

Part of the problem of British Society is that of its journalists and these media moguls. In fact therein lies your second problem, moguls.

We live in a society where everything is left and right and these are represented with two parties. Indeed it felt as if Tories were simply amoral and evil people and yet everyone I hear a Torry supporter who thinks because they ARE in media therefore their view must be right. Until they are invited into the BBC or SKY News and the person sitting next to them kindly informs then they are a selfish unfeeling idiot and that talk like that will get then out of government as quickly add they got in. Only their wait next time will likely be longer than it was last time around. Morons, absolute morons to say the things they do on national TV!

But the media is not interested in left or right... or even right and wetting for that matter and I myself have been planning and working hard to prove that these last few years. I believe I have already done this and am still doing this.

So here is the perfect example of calling all the people that run the banks as evil, amoral and cut off from reality and as soon as the OTHER party says something to reign in these morons they are in there attacking them for that!!

Maybe the media and in this case the BBC would like to run the country?! Good help children if they bloody will did!!

Things have been utterly atrocious for children in this country for someone now. Covered up by all accounts by the previous governments leader Tony Blair. In fact I would go as far as saying that he will be remembered as one of the most cunning men in the history of mankind.

He managed to hide so many things from the public gaze and yet had everyone fell sorry for him because another member with an overwhelming desire to be Prime Minister was nipping at his heels!!

Yet he managed to stay as Prime Minister for so long it was so hard for him. Exiting just when things were going to get a trifle... uncomfortable?!

So what the media love to have is divides between parties and divided within parties. They LOVE a rocked boat! It did not matter if they are right and wrong and they would not care anyway.

It is like the media make up other 'parties' and the moguls...ooh bloody hell it is James Bond and Tomorrow Never Dies?! Lol! Except there is more than one Elliott!

Oh but then there are all the other moguls too from all three industries?! Each one at the tip wanting to keep everyone convinced that being way to super duper rich is a necessity.

They achieve this firstly by speaking to idiots and scaredy cats by wrongly informing them the world will come to an end. Also speaking to dunces who happen to also be amoral by having them think they could be the ones with so much money they could not spend it in a hinted thousand lifetimes?!


Oh and I have heard some real loonies to say on TV that it is they that make the world go round! Yes of course it is you fecking half-wit. You on your body own? You should go to the third world countries and solve all their problems then? Oh but you can't because only by keeping most of the money that would feed millions can you actually hero them while they are starving and dying!!

It is purely a matter of blind luck and being amoral to the point of evil that you somehow manage to hold onto the amount that you have.

Because for all, until I discover otherwise, it certainly is not held on intelligence alone, lmao.

If you doubt that, come back in 5 years and tell me you still have it all!

Labour's 50p tax 'not anti-business'

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