Thursday, 16 January 2014


Well now just WHO needs a Tardis?!

Iain Duncan Smith is really, REALLY asking for trouble and if I was him I would shut that gate very, VERY quickly.

He clearly has not got a bloody clue and is simply no good at mathematics. No matter which way you alive it his sums are just simply wrong!

As many know I have been working on getting in still the expenses and running costs of must of the Ombudsman.

Still need to do this and go through the emails. I intend to give that moron a lesson in mathematics.

I stated to a friend today that the media, Channel 4 and others wish to poke fun and point fingers at claimants. I said anyone that casts stones without knowing their figures are simply stupid and just the kind of people Iain Duncan Smith likes, stoopid people who do but realise his mathematics are shit.

Added to this how the hell can you blame a claimant who gets lead than he needs to live on, when Ombudsman staff are paid ten times as much or more to do FECK all?! Just turn up sit st a desk and send out letters with bloody lame excuses and lies.

Been saying this for years, been saying it on hear for 18 months and now calls for IPCC to go, who I already covered and have reports of bullshit from, then people must be far more stupid than even I gave then credit before.

There is a for rent sign outside the houses of all Conservative Party members that reads  "RENT FREE. WANT TO LIVE WITH STOOPID! CAN TAKE INFINITE NUMBERS!"


Never noticed when I posted this elsewhere but it mentions my old friend Michael Meacher? Lol.

(Figuratively speaking because he kind of features in this blog figuratively, lol - He Emailed me, say in around January 2014 lol)

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