Thursday, 30 January 2014


Here is a curious one.

Looking like they are bring held to account but Serco's 'About Us' page on their website seems to have them during off that they run this country?!

They also chain to be British but seem to be merely a British arm to an American company?!

There was an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office but I think that will go about as far as a lead kite! Just like all the Ombudsman and shook the other do called help organisations out there who do nothing. Even when you tell them you have proof and recordings they do not even ask to see them and hear them they are that bloody obvious, lol.

Now I can only tell you what I was told about SERCO and how our appeared from reading their site where they show off.

I mean who are they trying to attract? It states they run all or parts if the DWP, NHS and Local Councils. Added to this I have been told the Police too?!

Now I am not being funny but something should be fecking obvious here? No one should have their GRUBBY FINGERS on so many powerful organisations in this should be obvious why?!

After all they could use the main three rip get yup to ask kinds of things unnoticed and end up creating an UNHOLY TRINITY?!

Oh wait a minute?! NHS, DWP and Local Councils? That is my unholy trinity?!


What the real truth behind this is I do not know, but I am damn sure it will be out this year by SOMEONE?!


Serco 'on right path', says minister

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