Thursday, 30 January 2014


Well here this report says it all.

Now I stated this but it is not the areas that are suffering most, it is the poor and the disabled.

Now when I say disabled I do mean disabled! This goes for METAL HEALTH SUFFERERS too!

Here in kites a little problem worth the way that they see things. They separate the two now with a large divide but as is so often with politicians their brains sure I their arses! There are one and the same thing scientifically and this will be all I day on the matter before my big reveal in March.

As always though the least able sure the ones to pay for the greed of others, bloody hilarious that one!

Now here is a snippet to provide done food for your thought.... all the cases I have seen when coming into contact with people suffering from metal health issues is that they are not ABLE to defend themselves and argue in their defence.

Without going into in depth detail as that is for another time there is just one obvious example of the politicians getting science and health WRONG!

The most hilarious thing about all this is not only are the ones that created it dishing out the punishment but they lie thought their teeth and break laws to do it!

Just cannot stop themselves and think the British public naive and stupid,, quite obviously, lol.

Cuts 'worst in most deprived areas'

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