Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Far too long that one emotion has remained absent and elusive
One asks if be is possible for one to ever feel this again 
Whsipers of winds of emotions long since past into distant time 
What secrets fate hides is cruelly hidden from my searching gaze 
Shield up and sword of vengeance is lofted high in despair 
Rustling leaves as the giggles of angels revel in what is to come 
But fate twists some things from ones hands of creation and manipulation 
Will the year be one that arouses in another those lost feelings of love 
A spark and a knowing look a empathic link with feeling of knowing 
That could ever return the smile one gives upon that faintest of detections
What would one do for who being in love is shared anew
Why anything and everything would then be what I would do for you
- A Saint They Called Allnights 

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