Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Yes, of course you bloody will were.

Modern day slavery outfit starting such and outrage that NSA were spying on people?!

Feck off. Just goes to show how bad the truth is when they're are willing to say there are incompetent that they failed to notice it was happening?!

This chap Drummond certainly has been smoking something if he actually expects the more intelligent and far less naive of the public actually believe this drivel? Your shocked that the public were spied upon?!

So getting millions if not violins of people working for free in a modern day slave industry is perfectly OK in contrast then?!


Note it also says that GCHQ spied on Facebook?! Hmm funny that as that is where I first declared I had written them and MI5 emails and letters. Also on Facebook is the photo of the job application acknowledgement card that GCHQ sent me in 2000 as they were interested in interviewing me to work for them!!

Yup you read that correctly and the card is available to be seen on my Facebook account and is on at least ONE of my TWO corruption blogs!

Two??? I hear the knobs cry out! Lol!

Also note that they have spied on YouTube accounts?! Which I said they would do with me! Also I started that I think that the figures being presented to me for both this blog a and all my others and YouTube account are not real and that I think they have been altered to make me think I am wasting my time or not going to make money and go away. Once AWAY, the blog can vanish without me noticing, lol.


Yes I have two blogs on corruption and the comparison in the numbers of the two blogs really is quite something you know!! Lol. On Google I have had...

1) 7 followers out of 43,000 visitors and... WORDPRESS...

2) OVER 100 followers out of 1,420?!

So according to GOOGLE or the idiots altering the figures, I should not have a single follower on WordPress due to the tiny number of visitors?!

Or to put it another WAY...

When Wordpress reaches that figure of 42,000 then I will have... 3150!

The fact is that the followers are false, therefore all the numbers are FALSE.

The only genuine answer is that there is something seriously wrong with their algorithms?!

It is one of two and that is it. Until someone who WAS previously with Blogger who kept and acquired similar numbers and failed events just as I have done then I simply have to assume that it is just me for some reason?!

Except I keep finding ways to asking them and they keep ignoring me. Not very good at basic IT 101 is Google?! But there ARE other methods available and now I have seen this absolutely audacious bid to alter the figures and the fact that Google have UK based offices then they have to abuse by UK law and this includes fraud and advertising laws!!

Well I have an excuse to pepper some old ombudsman's with a fresh salvo?!

Well whaddya know??


In fact do not worry as I have decided that using computers to communicate with an IT Company is a waste of time. So over the next few days I am going to try a completely different approach?! Lol! Then I will try others, lol.

I will not be ignored and I just bide my time.

GCHQ 'spied on Facebook and YouTube'

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