Monday, 20 January 2014


Well I must say that the link below is somewhat out of the ordinary?!

I now that I always have thought and state on here that when things stay bad enough for long enough and when your ate punishing the innocent relatedly for it while the guilty get away Scott free that there will always be a price to pay.

Even so I am still surprised when done of the things that take around in my head actual come to light somewhere. On this occasion a far left Greek chap called Christodolous Xiros had threatened the Greek government and accused them off ruining Greece with the austerity measures!

Pain over longer times tends to cause greater reverberations that last four quite some time. But then if anyone had grey matter of a higher count than say that if a Gnat they would know this?!

Greece was the first to start to suffer through the global meltdown. Now you only have to factor in which countries followed them and the length of time after them too.

There will be other variables too because some are more passionate, less patient, not so tolerant and many other things besides.

Greek extremist threatens government

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