Monday, 20 January 2014


Lord Rennard must be done sort off Muppet?! So must some of those leaping to his defence?!

This really is quite bizarre and I must admit to thinking something is very fishy about this?

I heard a women MP speak about what had happened to her and there was no doubt in her mind. There have been a few others say the same thing too!

But he claims they are all liars? But why would they all lie? You would be quick to pay claim to why this was happening, I now I would if it was not true. But this man seems to think he is invulnerable and what I find both strange as well as amusing if that by doggedly standing steadfast he is or possibly has destroyed the Liberal Democrats as a party and I wonder who would benefit most from that next year?! Lol.

The other message he is also giving out is that he is obviously convinced he is in a good position to fight this despite the odds attacked against him? So he must have some dirty secrets then?!

Also I find it strange that another MP had jumped to his defence stating what a great man he is, well not if he is groping female MPs under the table he is not! I would have to ask myself that there had to be something to this due to the people who have come forward as well as them appearing in interviews?!

The other thing I find  strange and I am probably just wrong here but someone referred to his career. I suppose it is a career and when I read that weird I think of a cutthroat industry, which is a Shane dine are like that. But in public office it had even more reason to not be like that!

To the media it is just taken fur granted they all lure to get where they are but then act shocked when they are caught it for it?! Then it is stated and printed all over the place! But these are public offices, public services and you are technically servants to the public so should be someone of high mitral standards that can be trusted.

Then it occurred to me while thinking along these lines that this is what the news media wants and almost encourages... so when they get high enough they can then dig, find the story they heard about, blow the lid on it while acting all shocked over it while racking up the viewers or selling mountains of newspapers and magazines?!

A crying shame then that they managed to miss people working in almost the same industry often in the exact same building like Jimmy Savile and friends?!


As for Lord Rennard I do not know quite why it is unfolding the way it is. Acting as he is, he is not fit for public office! It is that simple.

If it was me and something happened that was misunderstood and had upset or offended anyone I would apologise and say I had not intended any offence. This is because I personally would feel dreadful had I caused that kind of upset. But then I am not a touchy feely person unless it is someone very close to me and in the privacy of ones home. Like Nick Clegg stated, just say sorry and if he asks what for them just answer with 'does it matter?!' Knob head!

I have known men like him with absolutely no grace whatsoever when it comes to their idea of courting. I have known some men's idea of showing a woman how he feels is to express what he feels sexually instead of emotionally and grab them in like a bear hug and gyrate against them whining something or the other about doing things to him. Having my cringe and double over with feelings of being sick while at the exact same time laughing and being in shock too! Three feelings all at the exact same time!

Bull in a China shop on write how they can expect a woman, or one with her salt at any rate lol, would respond to this I scratch my head in disbelief!

Christ I know I have been single for over a decade now but at least I have my reasons and have not actively sought anything. I am a member of the odd date sites and look now and then and click yes but they ajay's tend to be faked anyway, lol.

Lord Rennard sounds like this kind of Bull in a China shop which I know for a fact comes across as offensive. But then those I have heard of acting like this are too dense to realise how abrasive and offensive they are so maybe Lord Rennard, feck me just raised he is a LORD, is like this too?!

Begs the question to how in the bloody hell he got into the positions he...ooh wait, is he or was he a bean counter?! Lol!

One day someone tell who actually grabs my... interest, lol, may pop out of the blue and not live on the other side of the world?!

Lord Rennard suspended from Lib Dems

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