Friday, 17 January 2014


So the very first Freedom of Information request has been worked on!

That is the first of around forty I contacted. This is not all of them and I am not even sure as to where to look to acquire them all?!

It will be interesting too because I fully intended to contact several dozen so that I can get a view of various... err variations! Lol.

It will be interesting to see how many have complied fully asking with his many failed to answer, if any did fail. Yes I have a great deal of responses but I doubt I have forty in all but as I get to work on each one and publish my findings more may yet come in,  albeit late. In fact I say late and yet those arriving in the last week have been apologising for being late already.

Be interesting to see if any return in the next month that fail to apologise?! Lol.

So the first one is in and it does not bode well for those that occupy seats of privilege in the House of Commons and you could include Lords?!

I sunshine that the two offices for the Presidential Health Service Ombudsman must be sprawling and not forgetting city centralized. Therefore expensive and just made me realise I forgot to include one particular mathematical formula for a set of figures?! Damn it! Lol!


So what we can take from the first set of figures is that the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman employs a total of 455 people in one capacity or another.

The total cost of the combined annual salaries is a fraction under £20 Million!

This does not include the costs of the two buildings and nor does it add expenses and I find that it is odd they fail to include cost of office building running and value. Also the expenses only seen to include accommodation which was only a few tension of thousands of pounds over an unspecified period.

A little bizarre and a little evasive.

Will it is,  either that or they have no idea and nor do they keep track of what they are spending let alone what they are spending it on.  Lol.

As this process of the Freedom of Information request responses are worked upon over the next 6 Monday there will be a few things to bare in mind.

First off it was my intention,  or one of the main ones at any rate, to start this blog to help people.  This could be achieved in a number of ways...

1) Make the wider public aware of the truth
2) Shower the similarities across various public services and Ombudsmen do you recognise the process
3) Show victims how I fought a huge establishment and how I beat them so teaching then to use technologies they already own to perform their own recordings and keep their cool to bid their time and therefore continue gathering their own set of recordings.
4) To show those that have been deserted by their own family and friends that you are not alone and that someone is fighting for you.
5) That I endeavor to not allow my pretty any means of escape so that the truth will out and leave no other option than to make the changes that WILL help this country and a proper start to recovery, instead of wasting for the lies to be believed.
6) To show in the end that I have strived for more than TWO YEARS (counting blog existence only) to help people and have achieved this for very little in the way of finances and with
  a) Pain in both feet that number around half a dozen
  b) Pain in both ankles
  c) Pain in both knees
  d) Pain in both hips
  e) Pain in groin
  f) Pain in most of back
  g) Difficult Concentrating and Focusing
  h) Short Term Memory Problems

Lastly and best of all are the filtering while I chase up the Freedom of Information requested I have made is that I am requesting them from all those I have previously requested help from and in many cases requested several times.

That via an extremely similar process across the board the requested help came to nothing but with the following points..

1) They would always start by agreeing they were in the wrong and to in the right
2) They would then completely change their decision based on nothing concrete at all
3) Deliberately holding data back they would then stick to this decision despite being told I had evidence and recordings of various things.
4) Being intentionally caught in my headlights each one would simply not know Howe to deal with this and stick to their decisions and WITHOUT even requesting to peruse my batting formats of evidence?!
5) Then asked if they could prove they ever did anything as they were unable even with my evidence I never got an answer
6) The BULLSHIT they dish out to public is actually pre-written and I have had several people forget I had contacted then previously and repeat QUITE LITERALLY word for word what they stated the first time around.

Also to bare in mind is that I have not requested costs for running off...

1) Local Councils
2) NHS with Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Primary Care Trusts and anything else
3) The full list of Police Forces and running costs
4) I need a bloody team of people and a PA?! Sound like an Ombudsman already? Nope it is the Fibromyalgia, lol.
5) Just thought of Mayor's Offices around the country too

So going forward it is going to look increasingly bad just for the Ombudsman alone and I am still undecided about whether to dive into the other so-called help organisations after the Freedom of Information requests are all published?

The fact the total salaries for the PHSO is around £20 Million and that I have 39 to go and do not have all Ombudsman makes me wonder if I can fairly reliable predict that the combined salaries of all Ombudsman staff is...

759960000 or £760 Million, possibly £7 Trillion in American terms?

Also I apologise that the number is double posted, see at the foot of this post, as Google and their Android Jellyean, their Google Blogger App and their newly acquired Quick Office are still shamefully abysmal, funny how the, dearer than books now, magazines mostly fail to mention this?!

Office does not have a 'select all' option would you believe?!

The laying on starting be document is miles away even on 7 inch laptop and no way of changing this?!

Quick Office throws a wobbly if your not online when you start it, this and most tablets do not have built in broadband.

Does not like you typing numbers either and colours the text blue while undermining it and refusing to allow you to edit it to.

Blogger app refuses to allow you to take off accidentally attached files to a blog post without force closing too?!

It does not include its own terms and names within its own libraries?! Lol!

Anyway back to the Ombudsman and I think you can see now that the is going to be an extremely vast contrast between costs to the taxpayer of just a few sections of public servants who do nothing of the kind comparison to the welfare bill.

Of course there will be a vast difference in the living allowances of the two while one wants to be paid to do something while the other is paid handsomely to do nothing. In fact one even hires and pays others so that they can then do less than nothing?!

I wonder he the discovery of time travel well stem from one of these public services?! Lol!

So the salary layout could conceivably be close to if not in the trillions of pounds?! Now THAT I certainly did not foresee! Not even close!

OK and I am admitting here that these figures were going to be impossible to pedicure reliably closely. But I thought that the entire tax payers bill, lol typed Bill but gave me bull, would amount to several hundreds of millions of British Pounds?! The one thing I was sure of was that it would be way higher that the welfare bill while at the same time all doing absolutely nothing.

Remember of course you have to factor in the costs of the entire NHS and the fact that they themselves lie and cheat if they think for a moment they can get away with it and that you will not die soon enough to be linked to them?!

But then they would probably have someone on hand to state it was something else anyway just so that they can continue being paid over inflated salaries to do nothing more than to lie, cheat and falsity test results and medical records.

Now then and even at this early stage I find myself wanting to ask...

Exactly WHAT WAS IT you wanted to blame benefit claimants for?!

Exactly WHERE is the tax payers money being wasted and by who?!

Exactly how many fingers on one hand would it take to equal the number of public services that DO ACT HONORABLY?!

Exactly how many fingers on one hand would it take to show the number of private firms that do the same thing?!


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