Thursday, 23 January 2014


Odd... I thought I would do a run through of the Freedom of Information requests and just post up anything that I may notice.

Kind of a run down of the fact I am a third of the way through it all, or so I thought.

Thus far I have 12 reports I have mostly finished and some have nothing on it excretory for some reasons given to me as to WHY they have not been provided. Some state they are not Ombudsman but do not state whether they are publicly or privately funded. Done are privately funded that I thought that were publicly funded. Others state they are independent despite their email address being in the same SERVERS as those the act as watchdog to?! Meaning it would be feeding simple for the watched dog to listen in on the watchers themselves!!

Well after what I just said to the lifeless watchers they must all be giving birth to kittens right now?! Lol!

Also I am pretty sure I contacted 39 bodies altogether and I am aware that some have apologised for not getting around to sending me what I requested I am sure there are a fair few who have ignored me COMPLETELY?!

That will not end well for them when I have worked out exactly WHO they are, lol.

So I have published five I think and will work on the others over the next few days.

I also need to check another email account to see if I used that one to contact some, may be able to tick more off the list if I did?!

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