Saturday, 18 January 2014


Hmm I may have lost count,  lol.

Now this is an unexpected post on something I had not foreseen happening but will not be good for the NHS and previous Doctors!

As if the kidneys and the upcoming scan in 6 days were not bad enough that test is to now be preceded by yet another test.

I would have probably mentioned on here about my odd ear problems and would certainly have had it marked on the diagram meant to represent my anatomy and it's main issues. I have had problems wearing headphones and in cold, damp weather. My ears pop a great deal and I often lose getting in my left ear when inserting in ear silicon ear buds on headphones. Memory foam buds were the only ones that worked until lately.

Now first off this was something else I was convinced needed treatment and I have asked more than a dozen Doctors to look and have repeatedly requested my ears be syringed out. Nothing wrong with them and no were the answers I received respectfully and the only time I DID receive a prescription it was for 5cc's of fecking olive oil when I have two tonnes of the stuff at home!

Yet two days ago something occurred that had not done so previously. First I noticed my right ear was a little sore putting my headphones in. It became worse and I developed an ear ache too. This continued to get worse and I could feel pressure in their too. Once I got home I administered some warm olive oil yet when I went to place the syringe in place I felt something blocking my ear canal. Something that felt... big. I could not feel anything,  skin being touched, in my ear so it was a if it was a foreign object.

After an annoying 48 hours I attended Chase Farm Hospital as they still have an urgent care centre. A South African Doctor, called Doctor Beecroft, looked in my ear and spotted there was a problem and that I had whitish debris in my ear and he informed me that he should be able to see all my eardrum but could not see it at all, bit even a small part of it.

He explained a condition to me I cannot recall and said that this needs to be sorted out as it had the potential to get bad. The is a possibility of something called cholesteomata and the ears will have to be SYRINGED, I fecking knew it, to see if there is a problem. I read a article that explained that an operation on the swellings may be required too and depending on the findings more invasive surgery may be necessary?!

Marvellous!! Bloody marvellous!

It is bloody funny though how in a short space of time being removed from my previous Doctors surgery that the issues just keep piling up?!

1) High glucose
2) High Cholesterol
3) Urinary Infection
4) Kidney Problems
5) Ear Problems

Of course I have discovered my real health condition too in Fibromyalgia.

I think this has already made a mockery of all my previous GP's, Hospital visits and the NHS as a whole and wondering here what exactly will be next?!

After thinking that I only had one more hospital visit to do to end all bloody visits once and for all I now have two more that both take place next week!

Go figure!

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