Sunday, 19 January 2014


Right then I am only on number 4 and the outlays of taxpayers money just keeps getting bigger and bigger and remember that I have approached many of these even with evidence and they do not even ASK to look at the evidence before giving you a lame excuse.

This just shows me two things when they aall do this and these are

1) That they lie and...
2) That they are COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT at lying, lol, which...
3) Makes it all the more gratifying when they speak DOWN to you as if YOUR the idiot or of a lower life form than THEY ARE!

Hmm yes OK so I added one just to be both funny as well as sarcastic and never let it be said that I am not aware of the word 'RECIPROCATION'!!


Oh sorry I kindof wandered off the beaten track there which I do in all forms of its meanings, lol.

So the bills are getting bigger and here we have an annual salary bill of...


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