Friday, 24 January 2014


Will this explains a few things done friends were telling that that did not make sense!

Someone I know signed on for the first time ever. They are a family of FIVE and I have helped them. But they have had their claim thrown out twice and I was at a loss to explain why this was!

I think I will be sending them a little link regarding this particular report that said staff have been instructed by bosses, that you are paying hundreds thousands pounds in wages for each, to cheat families already starving to death!

Yes these are the people the British Public want to back and turn a blind eye to because as long add you vote FECKING LABOUR this all stops!!

No because none of it was going on before the Tories got in power?!

I really do have to give out a long sigh sometimes when I am forced to listen to people that seen to be under the impression that not only do they fully get politics but also think the parties STICK TO THEIR POLITICS?!

God give me bloody strength!

At least if the British Public do prove to me how body thick and naive they are fine the next election that I won't bloody be here anymore and therefore not have to come back. I would like to day fine back one day when they smell the coffee but the truth is if they have not by the next election then they never will!!

Benefits stopped 'to meet targets'

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