Sunday, 19 January 2014


Right will we will just make a little note about this statement about how it is all over and we have turned a corner as far as the economy is concerned.

I have heard this so many times in the last three years or so it's annoying.

But this particular one states that it is not just Britain but the entire world that had turned a corner?!

So as we are still in January 2014 and this states growth for this year I thought I would post it up.

To be honest it is hardly putting your neck in the line to say this about the UK as we have had growth figures despite the fact I do not see it and neither does anyone else and is so small it is laughable. It is not putting your neck out because even if the numbers remain the same this will still be classed as growth but still not feel like it.

To be honest if figures remained like this I seriously doubt I would notice an improvement until around the time I am due a pension or have about 5 years to go,  lol.

A sudden and fast growth meaning it would take only a couple of years to get seriously going again for people to notice and I would financially benefit from this, literally. Plus it would rise very fast too!

Several times I have considered placing a donation button on here and have mentioned this several times. I considered it then decided I would give it a month then out it up here and then changed my mind, lol.

I thought about putting one on this month and changed my mind...again. A change in the economic recovery for the better and at an increased speed means I would never ever consider that damned button ever again!

But as anyone that has followed and read enough of this blog already knows I just do not think that will happen. Not anyone soon and that is two years before the growth increases significantly enough to notice.

Of course there are several other possibilities of turning my 18 months of work and three written books into a good financial gain but...

1) There are financial difficulties with most people
2) Some staff of certain... Industries do not know as much as they think
3) Certain companies you should be making money from are con artists and sit on their arses making billions while you work for years for FREE!!

There are also many other possibilities too but all the possibilities are just educated guesses and I really do not know how long each will take.

1) The entire blog is a giant CV you could say.
2) There are several things that could convince a solicitor to offer me their services.
3) It could also appeal to literary agents and publishers for two subjects I have written books on.
4) It could appeal to literary agents for half a dozen OTHER subjects I have YET to write books for.

Of course what you have to factor into all this,  which some jealous types and slow working types have not, is that the more people that visit and read the more visitors I get of each of the industries I will paint appeal to.

Obviously I know realise that they would have needed to have read enough as well as listened to enough to make then realize they had something her on their hands,  or right under their noses so too speak, lol.

They also would likely need to see this also of my dozen different blogs on different subjects, or even the four other subjects I might start blogs in this year?!

Of course this benefits me once there are two or more of each type and each one then wonders if any others in their field will beat them past the post?! Lol.

Of course there is the negative aspect or flaw of all my ideas asking these lines...that I only speak to moral and compassionate people and there are simply very few out there?! One in a thousand? One in a hundred thousand?! One in a million?! Lol.

For any others I likely just scare the living daylights out of them.

Still it is the very start of 2014 and I have attracted a little under 100,000 and rises by several thousand each week. In a few months time this week be rising by 10,000 per week and then after time 20,000 each week.

So I and my blogs are well on their way to teaching some very big numbers indeed. I do not know how big the numbers well be or even when. But there is a little under a year to go and of course there are dozens of possibilities in that time that can make things move along much faster...

1) More people realise the facts are actually that and it goes viral
2) My factual stories hit tabloids and/or TV news and it goes viral
3) The currently being covered FOI requests show the real facts and comparisons and it goes viral
4) Someone I have covered, have secret studio from our letter from hits the news and everyone ends up on my posts about them
5) Several Literary Agents take notice of the blog and I get an offer
6) Several solicitors take notice of the injustices along with the facts and I get an offer

Of course it is still pie in the sky... Except there is only one sky and a fair few pies! But then regulars do know I like to stack the cards in my favour,  so too speak lol.

Global economy 'at turning point'

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