Sunday, 19 January 2014


Well I managed to get around to it and am currently on my laptop.

Now I have someone arriving shortly but I am going to link up my Advent Tegra Note 7 Tablet PC to my laptop, which I know after a bloddy age I have not done yet!!

Then I will upload the spreadsheet conerning the Freedom of Information request replies and post them up at some stage while setting to work on the others.

However for right now I have scanned and edited the Chase Farm Hospital paperwork for my visit yesterday as regars to my ear problems which seems to be getting worse now and throbbing too. Annoying as when I was there the pain had eased a bit and I thought that by that night it would be gone?!


Also I have added notes to the two sheets of paper, the curiously placed in a SEALED ENEVELOPE, is my reputation beginning to precede me?!

Also oddlt and I keep forgetting to tell my mate Steve is that I booked in, bought a Ribena and small Mars Bar and was only half way through them when I was shockingly called in. This was not the first of two visits as it was when it was Accident & Emergency either?!

The normally packed waiting area also only had one other person waiting too?! Well that is not very effective or good with saving money if these Urgent Care Centres are going to have medical staff on hish salaries sitting around with no one to see?!

Anyway and for now here are the two bits os paperwork...

Oh and note how I told him it was 48 hours and yet he has written down 24 hours?! Bizarre or what? Maybe this is pre planned so that when I go up Tuesday and say 48 hours I look like a liar?! Lmao!

Forty Eaight does not sound like Twenty Four!

Just another sad example of why I started recording every single visit to all pubic offices and services for the last three years!!

Also remember I have been telling every single Doctor, except the latest one, for over ten years that I have slight issues with right ear and it is distracting and have a slight hearing loss. I have repeatedly requested for syringing too.

Yet every Doctor in over ten years looked and stated there was nothing wrong, but one did say 'it looks angry' whatever that means and the same one that called my complaints 'funnyisms' that had my late friend Old Ken crying in fits of laughter for weeks. I was also REPEATEDLY refused the syrining and yet I may now be looking at invasive or very invasive surgery?!

As I always knew I would prove is that this new found ability to posess X-Ray Vision is not only working that well but may have cost many lives and certainly caused a great deal of unneccessary pain. Remeber this is decided upon depending on who you are and whether they deem you worthy of help.

Which kinds of makes a mockery of all this crap about helping the sick, poor and starving of the world along with all this crap about charities and never before has anyone been able to highlight just how contradictory all involved are!


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