Sunday, 26 January 2014


I cannot believe that the American agencies could that that stupid to go and kill someone of now such a high profile that they would only make themselves look guilty to the entire world?!?!

Except here in the UK of course who have proved themselves and are still proving themselves, I will make sure of that, to be just as corrupt.

Hmm on second thought, yeah they are that body stupid as I best them all in my own, no money, sub standard equipment using the simplest devices in the world to best them...

...A WIRE!

Ah umm no I do not mean a recording device though I did use them I mean a physical wire, or more accurately the LACK of a wire.

You do not keep your most sensitive and damaging data on a hard drive linked to ANYTHING that is linked to the Internet!

Also it is good to have two barriers to getting into your network and then bounce the Internet connection through various devices each one being too be hacked individually.

Only when they get there without me noticing of course what they want is not there!!


Yes they are dumb enough!

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