Thursday, 30 January 2014


Getting a bit old this one.

However I have an opinion on this one and this stands a good example.

You see I do but know why but I have never been able to shock the feeling that she did it. When she was released and flown back to the USA I was absolutely stunned at this. I was stunned even more that she would not have to that court and I pretty much knew why that was.

Now before I state my next statement I want you to remember that I think the Americans, albeit their richer ones, have been running amok. The trouble when your wealthy or powerful if that when you break someone else's laws you're gonna get nicked. But somehow she ended to back in the USA.

Now compare that to people that are NOT American that they want to get their hands on?! Like Gary McKinnon who had Asperger's Syndrome and did but kill anyone.

How about Edward Snowdon who they feel acted against their own government, but PEOPLE NO, just the government agencies. The reports say they want to kill him!! When he was letting his own people know what a rocky road their government is heading them down!

The trouble when you have too few people to choose from for you're government is that it is easier to CONTROL them all. If it is two you simply only have to control two.

Sorry but I cannot help catching a whiff of master race every single time I see something it read something too do with the Americans these days. I do so hate that I really do as I have always wanted to go there. Only I think if I ever went there in the future my head would end up on a stick on the Whitehouse lawn?!

Metaphorically speaking of course.

I wish I knew more about Amanda Knox's I may be able to figure out a but more about how this all came about.

The Americans need to sort out their shit and but blame it on Edward Snowdon! I did not need Edward Snowdon to tell me their was an increasingly FOUL SMELL studying over from across the pond! This blog alludes to that from the beginning 18 months so and I was saying it before I started.

Oddly I defended the yanks in a disagreement but there seems to be a growing ill feeling towards America in the UK.

I only hope that these stupid, STUPID TOSSERS in these American agencies that do this shit without giving one thought about their own people do not go and get any of their competing sportsmen killed. All I can think about now is their sports men and women having to travel around. Because the hatred was building up anyway and let me make something perfect clear right here and now...

These sports men and women are but to blame and that Edward Snowdon is against his countries actions and behaviour and he IS American!

Hold the people to blame to account and not someone who is just FROM THE SAME COUNTRY. We in London call this during yourself in the foot and you get no sympathy for acting like that.

There is no excuse for murder if the innocent, that is it and that is all!

Amanda Knox guilty of Kercher murder

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