Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Well today I am typing this in a completely new and different environment!

I am doing this for a number of reasons which all stem back at the end of the day to my condition as it now always seems to do 99% of the time.

My tablet PC is perched before me on a table using its leather case and staying upright with no difficulties, which is nice. I am in the large Enfield Library in Enfield Town to and I had a little time to kill and come up with an idea. The trouble is many of my ideas go south for the winter or indeed get forgotten about and that is exactly what this idea is partly to do with.

I came inside here because it is quiet for one but because I have available to me many areas to do things and I wanted specifically to be at and on a desk with this Perrix foldable keyboard. I wanted to see just how easier it is to use it on a fat surface as it pains me to say that using it in one of the places it was intended, my bedroom, is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Right here and right now though it is doing great. It does not have the feel of a proper, and I DO mean PROPER, keyboard nor can I type anywhere near as fast but it is much better. So I am pleased about that!

Secondly I have meant for a very long time to capitalise on using the areas available to me with this large library where I can get out of the house and still work. But just as i referred to I kept forgetting. Part of the problem previously was that my laptop was just too big and heavy and as I was trying to take out a proper camera with me, well ALMOST PROPER, that would be heavy and not forgetting cumbersome! Going out and doing that with finding yet another laptop and another shed load of cash I do not have for something that is less powerful than what I already have I did not relish doing. These are part and parcel to why I have ended up with a tablet PC which is far more powerful that other tablet PCs but for a fraction of the cost, about a third I would say. Hence also why I bought the keyboard as these two devices would be much lighter to carry, whether it is out and about or even up and down the stairs. Of course it also means that instead of replacing my laptop with yet another laptop which can and likely WILL go wrong I can instead build a new PC Rig that will do all the stuff I want it to, so on the entertainment side of things I will be set! Also by coming in here and doing this I will remember doing it now so that losing the idea in my short term memory will not happen now. See it is all about finding the methods to help you remember.

Blog anyone?!

What started out as a list on a word documents became books and though it never seemed like it what also started out as a series of lists became this blog. But it was NOT a word document that thgis blog started out as, no sir! It was actually a BLOG?! But not actually called by its name of blog but by that of its real name before computers and the Internet came along...A DIARY! Which is what a blog is in essence except that you know that it can and is being read by others. Well if you want it to be that is.

So here I am in the library in the Town Centre to where I live and along the way I popped in a shop to drop some things off and bumped into some friends. It turned out to be quite funny as I poke of fun was made to the fact I referred to myself as a scientist and I laughed as I had, had this before. I then explained that a Science Degree makes you a scientist. I then explained that I turned down a doctorate to work on the software team creating the simulations for keyhole surgeons on how to perform their surgery. THEY do not do this it is WE which would have done it. This works in two ways...

1) Acquiring a science based degree means that you can go off and research and then understand how scientific based things work no matter how complex. You end up with letters after your name meaning you are a Bachelor of Science. There are really only to levels above this which is a Masters Degree, which takes but one extra year, and a PhD or Doctorate which takes two. Acquiring a Doctorate means what you think it does and I would be Dr Martin Haswell and not simply Martin Haswell BSc. I was offered and I said no and regretted it shortly after and have done ever since.

2) Proving that you can go off, research and discover and then pick apart complex scientific structures and being able to understand them, alter them and improve them for a better understanding or to customise them for a bespoke and therefore specific purpose means you can do this again. In another science, be it more complex or less which is why I have always run with the phrase 'It is not Rocket Science!' because someone said that to me once about a science that I do not even have a degree in!! So yeah I can go off and LEARN any sciences connected to that of software engineering! Bah HUMBUG!! Lol.

3) Ergo I was offered a Doctorate which would have been in the world of medicine which in all honesty is not any harder than that of Medicine and is in fact quite the opposite. Indeed as we programmed would we be in contact with a team of surgeons or even a single surgeon and we would ask them questions and make reports and implement them into programming code. This is true for EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT and makes computer science, or software engineering, unique and interesting. You get to learn NEW THINGS TOO!!

4) At the end of each assignment like this there is something that happens to one side of this collaboration that does not occur on the other?! Had I accepted this Doctorate and once completed I would have been highly knowledgeable thereafter in keyhole surgery but the keyhole surgeons wold not be highly knowledgeable in software engineering. Do you know WHAT this inevitably means? That one will be highly knowledgeable than the other. Do you know HOW intelligence and knowledge comes about and the term that is sometimes used to describe this about someone? No? Well that happens to be 'WELL READ'. That is on the face of it what a Degree and University is all about. But many I speak to are repelled by the idea of further education because they think of schools as rules, punishment and a place of misery. Unfortunately, thought they continue to drive their own children to go to school helping something ... STICKS?! When they themselves deny them a better life by purely remembering that they are an ADULT now when they go back and that it is a very different world.

So today when I heard this remark it made me think of something to type, to get across to those I have been so cruel to, my enemies, and will continue to be cruel to while getting worse that they are indeed on a losing battlefield and that they whole time they have been stalling and coming up with dastardly plans, or not give a shit as one mate likes to put it, they will realise that this is no longer a game and that it is something very real and will continue to grow very rapidly throughout 2014!


In fact I WANTED everyone to think that it would not achieve anything and think what cold I possibly do on my own. It allowed me to keep adding, acquiring and typing with the sole intention of this blog continuing its existence. All he time adding things that when cross referenced not only stand out but hold up. That all that I have done is real and how it is and that the more I did it the more I convinced those that had read enough to see. But to really get the ball rolling on this one I would have to start doing things on a more revealing level when I was getting a few thousand people each week. Then as I started to make these statements and reveal exactly what was going on and exactly how I was doing it the larger the ratio of visitors would be shocked that this could happen to them or someone they love. Then when trying to stop someone from leaping into the fire the excerpts of this blog will start to be quoted and the more revealing posts will start to resonate with others not even having visited here.

Now this process is happening right now with the few thousand coming each week. As more and more realise they tell more and more people and so on and so forth. The Internet is literally the grapevine to end all grapevines and that News Media and the Government have long failed to ignore that and only now realising. The news media in particular also failed miserable to realise that as time went on and more stories were found on the Internet which they shockingly did not cover people would trust them less and less.

So in other words the newspapers and media moguls are NOT losing money for the reasons they say that they are only in that the Internet is revealing processes to be wildly expensive and making mountains of money and not only out of the publics pockets but also out of their purses too!
All of this is of no fault to anyone else but those that ran said organisations and yet despite this the public purse is being defrauded while the public offices are all corrupt and the public services are not services any longer nor have they been for sometime.

I showed my friend that tiny device I used to record all that I have and the list of who including the two Detective Constables of Merseyside Police. He simply gave a Mona Lisa like smile and simply said "I WANT ONE! And I want YOU to show me how to use it. I then said "and NOW your getting at what my blog is all about, well part of it at any rate!"

So I came up with this idea to explain certain processes in detail, trust mew the best is YET to come but it is coming, just do not be too disappointed and its pure simplicity, lol. Oh there will also be a first part with a different title but will explain when I post it.

So now that I have let the proverbials screaming out of their bags they are checking on here. They would not have read a great deal and not have grasped the gargantuan proportions as of yet. There are likely way over 2,000 posts just on this blog alone and tens of gigabytes of data in many forms. I think I am not really doing myself justice as this does not include any part of the 1100 videos I have on my YouTube account either!!

Oohhhh that has gotta hurt!! Simply got to!
Realising too that I have amassed 100,000 visitors is going to be alarming and it is now going to take them many months to go through all this blog and all my data. Ooohhhh smarting just a bit now?!

Also much of the country has been kicked in the teeth lately by the government, public offices, public services and worst of all the atrocious weather! So God knows how many have been able to go online?! God knows how many have been flooded out?! Poor bastards!! God knows how many have lost electricity or even seen their laptops floating away down what used to be their street?!

Pretty soon this should all calm down, fingers crossed for them that it does, and WHEN it does the weather will be a bit warmer. People will be a little happier and the will socialise a great deal more.

Now when this warmer weather inevitably coincides with an increasing in socialising my weekly figures will rocket. I have also completed a flurry of posts to make them rocket ever higher too. Also I am about to do many more posts with photos I have on other sites so this will help attract even more people too from other subject fields?!

Oohh1h dear, you had better get through my posts in double time?! It took the various news media groups several months to do this, I wonder how long it will take public offices? Twice that long? Three times?!?!


Do you want some Tramadol for you headache? I have plenty!!

Which reminds me I now have a GP appointment!


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