Sunday, 26 January 2014


I have not mentioned this before so here is a first, well two firsts actually.

I was had this plan... inn my head which was fully intended to get posted, probably about a month, that I was going to title 'THE HALL OF SHAME'. It was to be named this after another hall of shame I discovered some years back. Indeed this hall of shame and the site in question made me wonder what I could do if I worked alone!

It occurred to me that without affiliations, a job, money and with a terrible disability condition called Fibromyalgia that I just might be able to achieve a great deal without setting off any alarm bells and having any hired thugs coming after me to be carted off to intensive care.

Due to a comment I posted that came from one personal friend of mine another personal friend speed it and sent me a link to the site I had forgotten about.

So I have found that Hall of Shane that so impressed me and I suggest you just go and have a look.

I have sent them an email and the details to my blog, which I bloody well just realise that I forgot to put in the bloody address!!

Well here is the link..

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