Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Well I had more odd ball appointment today.

After getting messed around somewhat and a receptionist phoning me yesterday to make an appointment I had already made and other appointments mysteriously disappearing and being lambhasted for just saying hello I went in today forearmed.

This was a very long appointment as it turned out. He disagreed with me on a number of apsects of the NHS I knew only too well I was right about. So I told him so. To his surprise. I then told hiim of my rapport with Doctor Huq and that despite me bing her best patient she close her practise because of me.

I then told him about the official complaint and the withdrawing of the two reports.

He remarked what a blog does not do much...that was until I told hi of what was held within its pages and its archives. As previous I only remarked about hospitals and the lying Doctors but that I had a fair enough amount running into tens of gigabytes.

Before the appointment I jad indeed wondered to what I would say if I was ever asked the question that should naturally be asked in these situations.....have you recorded me?!

I did not have to come up with an answer as I was not asked.

The conversation was interesting and I did offer my blog to him bit not for the reasons you might think!

The appointment was OK. There were no arguments despite what I stated above. In fact there is a moment when he says things that will raise eyebrows...

1) You are obvioulsy familiar with these things so I will no explain it to you

2) No my knowldge is limited and you have actually been teaching me

I told the story of the ear condition. He looked inside and said what all have before and I did not expect any different. I therefore asked what i could be that affects my hearing. He stated that it may be a congestion issue as the Eustachian Tube conncts to the throat, or sinuses or all connected basically.

Now this made me raise an eyebrow! I do indeed have isues with sinuses and in fact I have explained this in that at night in bed I can get blocked up and during the day my nose is clear but can be running.

For those paying close attention I found this out to be connected to my Fibromyalgia and of course they are connected to the eyes in one way or another so yet again all roads do very much indeed lead right the way back to ROME!!

He suggested that I hold my nose and blow, to equalise the pressure and I just smiled and shook my head so instead he has given me some decongestion tablets and we will see how that goes.

But as I have discovered before and as anyone else that has used drugs like Gabapentin or Pregabalin, unile what my last idiot GP stated these are NOT just PAINKILLERS and would not work on all pains and only specific types. Or the neurological pains that he inststed I did not have, despite having at least TWO neurological conditions over ten years that I was given succesful and VERY specific drugs for.

Be gear to get that all down on tape as proving all that, eh?

Well I will now ask two questions and I will indeed give you just one chance with each one...

1) Guess what a large part of that 40 minute appointment was spent talking about?

2) Now guess WHAT I was doing at said appointment?!

The genius is often with the forethought and the preparation. But as will be revealed in to upcoming parts...

...it is just a wee bit more than that!!

Unfortunately for every public office I have ever found to be extremely bad, lying or corrupt!

Ooohhh it smarts, does it not?!?!

I DO like this GP and I do hope it stays this way. He does not or at least has not yet disregarded me as if I am an idiot and indeed in just two meetings and one phonecall has extended as much professional courtesy as he could possibly afford to someone NOT qualified as a Doctor!

That always goes a long way in my book.

Within this post is one iron clad statement that proves that my GP is a good GP. I will leave it for readers to work out what it is but even with the GP I got on with there are no Doctors that I have met in the last 15 years or more that I would  EVER expect to say those four simple words!

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