Sunday, 26 January 2014


Due to something I posted and a comment I made I was kindly sent this web address.

I had forgotten all about this web site and they have some interesting things on there. In fact I am sure that in this particular site they have a Hall of Shame for Local Councils, maybe more, about things they have been taken to court for.

As I stated in response to the comment containing the link on Facebook I had forgotten about this site which is annoying considering that I actually have a conversation with one of the guys behind it.

I think I need to contact them again?! Lol!

Note the comment I made was one stated to me by someone I know personally, or in other words did not meet online Lol. The comment with this link was ALSO made by someone that I know personally. Both of them I have known for years and an example of how even just two completely different friends can both link things together and with a website I had forgotten about!

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