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I have just looked and they have no references to Freedom Passes on their website at Enfield Council?!?!

They gave me a website where it then states that what I want is handled by my Local Council yet there is nothing oon their website, that does not involve you spilling your own fecking blood to hand themn in a ceremonial bowl?!


Dear Mrs Shand

A quote from the website you gave me contradicting you...

Applications for this pass are handled by your borough of residence
The main categories of disability in the Transport Act 2000 which make you eligible for a Freedom Pass are listed below.
If you have any of the following disabilities you can apply for a freedom pass. These are:

So could you please explain why it states this and that there is NO online application form on your site or indeed ANY reference to Freedom Passes at all?!

Firther to my previous comments I have had the reports of my official complaijts sent to me from both the NHS England as well as a GP Surhery right across the street frm the Civic Centre. Both contained lies and false statememnts whoch is what I wanted...

I dropped in a NINE PAGE report to Abernethy House Surgery across the road, whereby I told them that not only had I recorded every single appoinment that I had and that I also recorded all my hospital appointments whereby I have Doctors lying and very seriously falsifyuing test results and have several others lie to. Added to this I have staff members admit to me that there is a great deal of corruption going on and that the NHS is being used quite notoriously to help the Local Councils and the DWP from having to help those that deserve it.

I also explained to the GP Surgery that I had been publishing this online, recordings too and that I also had recordings of Council staff, the Police, the DWP and a whole long list of others that I had been gathering for the last 4 years. I also explained that I had attracted 100,000 visitors and that during 2014 this would not hit a million at some point.

I also explained that the NHS England as well as the General Medical Council knew this. Four days later I received a p[honecall from NHS England pretending to be doing a survery but actually fishing to see what I made of the reports.

I told her that it was all a load of BS and that I had published it as such, her reaction?

BOTH the reports were RETRACTED?!

Funny that!

Now once again as I am getting fed up with this BS and the fact that your website is utter crap, I know this as I am qualified to say so just as I did to a member of staff when I found out that the moron upstairs management treated themselves to all new computers that then refused to speak to the crap ones the frontline staff had downstairs, for THREE BLOODY MONTHS!!

You might note that the public services have been getting a great deal of bad press? I will gove you one guess as to where this has been stemming from? You Deputy Mayor might want to think about what she has to say to the public as well as I decalred the corruption findings to her.

You do not answer an email like that with 'wrong department' or answer someone that you cannot help them directly when they did not ask for help!

This is called assuming that if your not council or government then your little people and therefore blind and stupid!!

Not a good thig to do with me as it shows no understanding of the English Language whatooever and not fit for public office.

Also the mistakes that you have all made all along and the one thing that I have preyed upon is that it is not what you do not do, but what you do not ASK!

It is amazing just how many halfwits there are in public offices and services that just assume that are highly intelligent or belong to some secret higher order than the rest of society?!

I am afaraid to say now that for the next 6 months there is going to be a vast build up in the public postings I have been making and every single person on this entire planet is reading to see just how bad Great Britain, its public services which are nothing of the kind abd holders of public office just how amoral, lazy, inefficient, amoral and corrupt that they are and that they certainly have no right to preach to the rest of the world on how to do things!

Now if you do not mind, that Freedom Pass application form please?

On a last note I have now emailed the Magistrates Court in Tottenham and I have provided them with my webpage adress to the 70GB of data and eaplained that just like the three attempts to take me to court already that they themsleves are under close scrutiny. I can tell you that Northampton County Court backed away extremely quickly and apologies started arriving at my door!

It is far from over and there are many things to do, are in the pipleine and to finish and more to expose about the absolute debarcle that is Local Government within the UK and no bloody wonder the Scots want out.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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