Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Now today I have been to Barnet Hospital and it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

There have been some shocks, a few surprises and a hatful of laughs and I have entered my house tonight and FORCED MYSELF onto the laptop to not only DO THIS while it is fresh in my mind but at the same time sort out a few SECRET RECORDINGS as I am gettig behind!

If I do not I will only forget to sort them out for a few weeks and the convince myself I have already done it. I have no doubt I have done this several times already in the last 17 months plus!!

Factor in all those that also did not go up in the first place and God only knows how many thongs I have not put up on here, but I think that anyone that has looked about on herte and heard several recordings would agree that I have done enough.

Still there is much to do and I heard the cages rattling today...

So here we are then?

Here is a reording which I did on Saturday just gone, 18th January 2014 just to clarify. Now my ear pain had been going on for 48 hours and yet the paperwork I previously posted said 24 hours on it?!

Again, just to clarify.

Also I have stated before that I have had ear problems for a great many years and have asked repeatedly to have the syringed and looked at only to be told no and they are fine.

Yet when I wear normal earbuds with my headphones I lose the ability to hear by about 70% in my left ear! The level of audible sounds in my right ear is about 95% when not using heaphones and remains so even when I insert headphones in with silicone?!

Yes so a bit of a problem and so much so that, you will ned to look on my gadgety CPUs & Computers blog, when I pull out the left headphones until the the ears clear again the left side earpeace is then too loose and falls out!!

This is annoying and to combat this I have had to resort to both memory foam inserts as well as triple flange silicone inserts. Again all this is covered over on that blog and all photos too as I like to do my own little reviews. Lol!!

Now I have made sure before I continue that all is absolutely clear!!

So here is the second part of a four part set and here is the link to listen to the 'Sowt Efdikaan' Doctor look in my ears, tell me about the 'debreee' and mention that it could be infected and that it should be looked at by a specialist.

I tell him that I have told Doctors for years about this and just been ignored as with everything else.

He also tells me that they will syringe out my ears and that I will STOP having problems with my hearing and I tell him I am happy to hear that.

Big Ears Part 2...


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