Monday, 20 January 2014


At bloody long last!

Yet another subject matter that are becoming more and more specific to my posts hits the headlines.

I had just been telling a friend that these organisations would have long done been trawling this blog. I would also be well aware that in fear of losing their jobs and to saver their own arses they would simply start repeating things I have said to make it appear that they stated it first.

Well that is of course stupid because the one thing my posts are, just like my recordings, is DATED!

I knew from day one that once I said things enough and using the right KEYWORDS these would be found by the evil organisations. I also knew they would act to cover their own backsides.

But them I also knew that the longer this continued the more visitors here would put two and two together and realise what was happening.

Too bloody late!

In fact knowing these organisations as I do it was a full gone conclusion they would do this and I simply had to just keep quiet and let them all do it, lol.

Hence forcing the changes for the better, lol.

Many adults have 'no-one to turn to'

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