Friday, 24 January 2014


I often wonder about many things.

The more complicated something appears the more I am drawn to it. The more I want to know the answers and therefore to solve it. Of the many things that have battled for space to occupy the dark chasms that are my mind two have been constant. Two have wedged me in from either side and these very two have prevented me from achieving the long list of achievements I should have done.

But these two can be summed up with one single word! People!

Yes I did say two. Yes I only said people. But to each and every one of us people take two separate forms. You might not be aware of it right now but it will become obvious in the following explanation.

As an individual period take two forms and these are the singular and the many. Star Trek fans may have already guessed or beginning to guess where I am going with this. For each person has to understand two things... themselves and then everyone else!

I think a great many would agree that understanding yourself is hard enough, I know I think that and desire being an extreme case it must be the same for many others too. And then it gets harder!

But I said I am drawn to complicated things and that is that my own health condition had driven me to great despair for years.

Now I am an intelligent person and I most certainly am not the type of person that would go running to the Doctor for each and every thing that felt a little off. For the last fifteen years had I done this I would be in there several times each week and even on occasion several times each day! That is the simply and honest truth.

So you can imagine that because I have been treated as if I have behaved like that, that deep down I am seriously pissed of about this and have been for years. I did not explain this at the time I posted about it but the previous Doctor that diagnosed with 'funnyisms' I had a go at and asked if it was on my medical records that I was a hypochondriac?! She said no and why do I ask and I stated that 9 out of 10 prior would have killed themselves years ago had they lived with my condition but all I get is fobbed off and spoken to like I am complaining about a cold. I then said it was now crystal clear to me that Doctor after Doctor that I speak to clearly had no clue about either people or medicine but do think highly of themselves because they are paid highly despite doing nothing for it.

Importantly I said that I had a degree and turned down  a doctorate but I do not go deepen to the Job Centre expecting to be paid £4000 per month because I am educated. Yet more and more I see purple doing less than I am sitting at a desk leaving people in pain AND limbo but still getting paid out of the taxpayers money?!

She then went into something about she agreed that the country was badly run and that billions of pounds had been completely wasted and that she thought that the majority of the taxpayers money was being given to all three wrong people.

She missed the point that I was saying that about her and Carlton House Surgery where she worked but at least she PARTIALLY understood what I was saying?! Good grief!!

Therein lied the problem and that was the real turning point for me. People that disk add if they are intelligent and holds positions that SUGGEST they are intelligent but they could completely missed the nose on your face.

I had been gathering NHS letters for years and it crossed my mind that I could, once acquiring a smartphone, go running down every avenue which I would invariably have to use either cunning or threatening and angry behaviour to be referred to.

It also seemed a better idea if I tried to do this in a short space of time. I could explain what I was going to do and then predict the attitudes, lame excuses, lies and cheating along the way. It also occurred to me that by kicking and screaming or speaking to intellect with intellect I might actually be successful?! This would be very cool but my money was all on one outcome fur every single avenue I traveled and that was a no.

So I switched GPs and started devising my little plan that metamorphosed into bigger and more numerous plans.

It was originally going to be a website ended up a blog for starters.

What original started up as a series of noted due to my bad memory I failed to realise we being kept from me add part of my condition, likely played upon by the bureaucrats too, ended up as two books.

Notes that went towards the third part which could have become a book ended up becoming this very blog.

So yes you could say that this blog is only ONE THIRD of the story. But then I have forgotten to pay about a great many things and evidence so one quarter would be more accurate!

Now imagine the minds of those now visiting hear realising the gravity of the situation they have been ignoring and for the last 6 years thought they were entirely in control of?!


It gets better still as I have teased along the way to the visitors that this is a well thought out plan with many facets and that towards the end there will be a series of reveals and revelations that will cause a bit of a stir. A few ripples you might say and quite possibly end up one hell of a Tsunami. Giving out secrets to early gives the whole game away, destroys the surprise and renders the whole thing ineffective. But before I could do this and tell the readers I had to get the number up. I also had to do what I did over and over and OVER again to leave no one in any doubt whatsoever! Then I had to start doing something and announcing it little by little. Then right in the middle of it all and with some still to wander onto here to see what the fuss is our see what I had on them and against them I would tell them the one last thing I needed to before my last year on here...

... That even here I have not revealed all. That I fully intended that at just the right time which I HAVE alluded to from the very beginning I would do at a certain number of visitors, which was when it tipped over 100,000 with 3,000 arriving each week and rising.

I would declare to each and every public office, public service, local government and members of parliament in turn that of this very blogs existence!!

That when each and every public office and service came on here they would gradually realise something. That they had seen this blog before and that they blind arrogance and laziness had failed to realise the serious threat it posed to them and that now it was too late to do anything and that along with all other things that they have been labeled with that this can all now STICK because this blog contains the evidence of it all and that you can add INCOMPETENCE to that list!  Because I referred to the blog previously without explaining the serious that it posed BECAUSE OF THE CONFIDENCE OF KNOWING that no one would ever read it all because everyone had become far too lazy, far too greedy, far too cut off from reality and amoral too.

What happens from now on in is that add these people return and read this very post and new visitors arrive and read this very post at what I have managed to do EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and not only fully predict the outcome of each endeavour along with the cheating, lying and amoral nature of all industries involved that this will create a Tsunami. The Year Long Tsunami!

If I was to use an analogy I would liken it thus...

I am on a snow covered mountain with only the slightest of inclinations. I am battling a large metropolis in the foot of the mountain below but have the most basic of weapons. But I do have snow.

So I create the smallest of snowballs and I roll it around the top of the mountain to get it to a certain size, but even so I cannot get it to roll on its own and it would only knock down a fence. But once big enough I can start to push the snowball siren the mountains slightest of inclinations knowing the ball will grow larger still. But the inclination is not steep enough so I have to keep pushing further along until then inclination changes so that the rolling can continue on its own.

When I do the rolling does continue and just as I could see the increased inclination far ahead of reaching it I can still see further down the mountain a steeper inclination still. I could walk away now and allow the snowball to slowly roll along unattended, but something might happen to make it veer off in a different direction to the sprawling metropolis below growing slowly larger?

So I continue to push, thus guiding my snowball as I go changing direction ever so slightly every now and then to pick up ever more snow as it's size grows along with its weight. Now we are reaching proportions to take out half the city?! I am just about keeping space with my giant snowball as I had towards another increase in the inclination of the downward slope before me. It is upon me?!

Not sure if you as the reader realised but as you were reading those last few paragraphs I just shoved my snowball over the edge!!

If you need it explaining all those that I have gathered secret recordings of are all now in increasing numbers perusing this site to judge the level of that that it is.

Just like you they to read those last few paragraphs and raised that I have had over 100,000 visitors and will hit a million or close to it while still inside this year of 2014!

I do not throw snowballs, I simply work on them until they are a weapon of mass destruction all on their own!

Watch out for that giant snowball!!


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