Sunday, 26 January 2014


I was doing my third video trying to capture how North Italian Alpine Newts, scietific nname Ichtyosaura alpestris apuanus previously Mesotriton alpestris apuanus and previous to that Triturus alpestris apuanus and I got an idea.

It was the third video I had done of them showing how well they can detect the scent of even dea frozen bloodworm while unedrwater and I started to do a little monologue. I was feeling ill and had been ill for over 24 hours and tring to do some housework. I was also putting my washed clothes out as I started to do a lttle up to date speech about the story so far and where it was heading next.

Where it is heading next is a little bit of a giveaway as I speak of something I have never spoken of before with my intentions. Only a little detail mind you as we would not want the children fiding out too early before we get a chance to teach them there lesson now would we?!


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