Sunday, 19 January 2014


Umm ooh wait a minute?! Did I not use this title already about 30 minutes or so ago?

Ooh noo that was THE 2014 ECONOMIC RECOVERY!

Yes of course I remember now,  ooh but wait a darn second! Lol!

Yes well we are rising and falling at the same time it seems?!

Hmm or is George Osbourne actually saying that we are in growth along with India and China but Europe is not?! Is he also suggesting that we adopt the same working conditions and pay as China and India?! Or maybe he is now seeing that the taxes and property prices along with rent prices and business rates with British business is going to drop to they levels of both India and China along with the concessions they offer to their own people?!

Because if he is not suggesting any of the above he is far more thick and cut off from salt than even I thought he was and should be removed as Chancellor at the earliest opportunity before he does some serious damage!

Osborne warns EU over 'decline'

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