Friday, 24 January 2014


Well you could walk on by them if they had ever Bern out into a normal street and some to normal people without constantly thinking about what bullshit they can spiel out.

Especially as there are always cameras around with the reporters and workers of days microphones and cameras just as cut off as they are!

No, someone leaves a piece of paper on their desks and the first sign that the numbers were slightly bigger than the week or month before instead of numbers hugely smaller they suddenly metamorphose?! Being the brain dead and rude idiots that they are they are on camera in front of reporters in a flash staying...

'look see? We were right, after 4 fecking years only the figures are in the positive zone! All is saved!'

Yes you fecking morons, given long enough a room filled with Chimpanzees and Typewriters...Tolstoy... you get the idea!

Pay rises... My God! Everything else had been rising like the proverbial rocket for what seems like a million years without any sign off it even levelling out key alone showing down! But a tiny percentage of a pay rise and we are all now bringing bottles of Krystal Champagne home with us?! Or maybe Dom Perignon?! I can start having caviar on toast again instead of just Lumpfish Roe?! Woohoo!!!

Pay rising in real terms - coalition

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