Sunday, 26 January 2014


I still do not feel good.

The weather is absolutely atrocious.

My plans for tidying up my extremely messy home have been slowly heading south for the winter!

I do not know why I still feel nauseous to the point of feeling sick.

I keep doing little things and then stopping and it is not going anywhere very fast. I have things to do on several of my blogs too including the recordings from Chase Farm Hospital oh and shock of shocks a couple of videos too. Oops no four videos and am behind at getting pictures up too! Oh and there is a horrid smell in my kitchen which is the combination of something becoming ever more unspeakable I have now dealt with combined with that damned washing machine what leaks water inside it which goes stagnant. Oh that is because I had to open it.

Well at least I have a wading machine full of clothes on the go at long last!! Lets hope I am still conscious and capable when it's done?!

In the meantime I am glancing over at my laptop and trying to recall what devices I now need and where they are in my house.

Still I am listening to a Best of, of Creedence Clearwater Revival I got in Sainsbury's a couple days back. Oh yeah I want to sort out some music on my Sony Walkman too!

Boy I hope I shake this feeling off and oh for the love of GOD I wish it would stop raining long enough so I can start using my bike again?!

Oh God, the bike! Something else that is old and needs replacing! I might make an active attempt to try and find a second hand one that I can get to?! Trouble with me doing that is some twats will just not say it how it is and I do so hate that. But this had been made worse over the years because it's a fecking pain in the arse, more accurately a pain everywhere EXCEPT my arse, getting anywhere!!

Oh yes that reminds me, I have a Freedom Pass to apply for and have to email the DWP ripping crap out of them for not sending me a PIPS form!!

Happy Days.

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