Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Time to get ahold of some bars and give them a damn good thrashing!


Email to the Independent Case Examiners

Dear Sirs


First off neither you not your annual report answers the three questions I recently out to you.

Could you please clarify as to why this is.

Also and out of curiosity concerning your reaction I would like to explain a couple of things as I have the opportunity.

1) I requested that you look at my case concerning the DLA. You performed abysmally and were biased...

Since this time I have correctly discovered my condition. Acquired proof that several Doctors were under instruction to consider against me and in each and every case I acquired proof of this.

An attempt was made to discredit me which I fully expected and which failed miserably. As a result of discovering how widespread the corruption is between the NHS and the DWP asking with Ombudsman I am now on my firth GP, stopped another attempt to discredit me and falsely claim I was crazy. Then another to state I was violent just when I declared I had several lots of recorded audio of several Doctors lying.

I raised the matter with the GMC who I knew would do nothing just as I knew you would. They broke a confidentiality clause by informing my last GP of a good reason to get rid of me by kicking me off the register. This backfired...

I caused a stir and raised the complaint further and NHS England took up the complaint before I could approach the PHSO, who I am also aware well do nothing. I received retorts from the owner of the GP Surgery, Tracey Jenkins and NHS England and they did what I wanted and out the lures down in black and white.

So I issued a nine page report and I handed this in to the GP Surgery and in it I explain that I had been recording various meetings and appointments with many different departments within the NHS, DWP, Local Councils and various Ombudsman among others. I explained which were lies, his they lied and what they lied about! I explained that not only did I have a Chase Farm Hospital Doctor admitting on tape that he lied about an ultrasound concerning a life threatening condition but that there were TWO CONDITIONS on the ultrasound that he claimed were CLEAR! He was extremely embarrassed.

Just today I received an odd phone call from NHS England claiming to be performing a survey on my concerning the complaints procedure. Except I failed to mention that surveys are done via text messages. When she realised I was completely unhappy about both the reports she then became animated and stated that the complaint would now be handed to a different department to be dealt with?!

A little odd when the report I have here clearly states that my option now is to go via the PHSO, which I already have done anyway.

What front line staff knew or not I did not care. What excuses they have for not knowing I do not care either. Years of injustice had been done to me and I am not going to stop and think about front line staff who are simply to think to take things on board and not listen, they had their chances note they have to decide if they can trust their bosses.

I have done and acquired a great many other things in the last few years...

In fact I have of late informed all now that I have been publishing all letters, emails, documents, scanned letters and recordings online and that I have 100,000 visitors and will likely hit a million during 2014 for certain. In fact I have handed a great many links to those I have set traps for to reveal the corruption, fraud and technically high treason being performed.

Yet I can airways rely on over confidence and arrogance of those I contact as they never ONCE so to think what else is on my blog and whether or not there is anything about them on there?!

In fact when I started the blog 18 months ago I stated that there was lots of things that had gone on for years before and showed paperwork going back to 2000 or before. I ALSO STATED that as the next two years would go on I would indeed come into contact with a great many public offices, private companies and almost all the Ombudsman.

I stated that not one public service nor ombudsman would do anything as they should and that includes having evidence on take and would not even be asked for this.

Thus was to show to the world that minutes are being defrauded from the taxpayer without ANY INTENTION of doing anything for it. Which is a cringe against the people and therefore the country.

In the process I had also for intended to goad many to take me to court. Shop Direct did this and lost! They own Very, Isme and Littlewoods Catalogues.

Enfield Council made steps towards it but suddenly gone quiet and not answering my requests and I have informed them that I will sue them very publicly this year for lack of help and greed.

The only other firm to do this thus far was Eon Energy but unfortunately they bottled it when they realised I could do then enormous amounts of damage and take away laws that favour them which should not.

I had planned for several others to take me to court within 2014 as this is just one of many possibilities where I can have my say and my day.

Indeed I did get to do that with Northampton County Court and they oddly apologised as did the debt company and starred they were launching an investigation now.

What did I do to achieve this?!

Well I simply pointed out one other little fact that many over confident and send obsessed people failed to realise along with everything else....

I have then the addresses to all my blogs and my YouTube account with probably around 3,000 and 1,000 posts respectively because...

Not only is everything that I have in their proof it is also so time stamped to when I posted it so it all acts as evidence. Like this letter right here which will be posted to and what will interest the growing number of angry members of the public is the following points..

I contacted and put in a claim for DLA last year and heard nothing. I told you that I heard nothing and then heard nothing from you.

Now I have been into a Job Centre and phoned up the Personal Independent Payments section, was asked some questions and told a form was on its way. That was awhile ago and I have not received anything as yet.

I have also contacted the Disability Living Allowance once again. I have pointed out that for several years now they wrongly refused me DLA and that I can prove what I have wrong which backs up everything I have starred, no matter how weird, for the last dozen years. Oops!

As I have contacted both these groups and have been ignored yet again for the fourth time for the DLA I am now emailing you once again to state that I am being ignored.

In case you were wondering then YES that was me that recently requested the information under the Freedom of Information Act regarding public funded organisations.

Don't worry you're in the company of a great many others. Though I am not sure exactly who will turn it to be the worst of the list.

So now you have another opportunity to do nothing, I mean something. Only this time your more than aware of what I am capable of and you should be because a great many others are including the Police, MI5 and GCHQ.

I do winner whether there will be a growing need for vindication on your part?

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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