Sunday, 19 January 2014


I was told by a friend to look up Common Purpose Organisation and I found the link below.

I hope out is the right one and I found it to be a little odd.

It provides courses for LEADERSHIP?!

Say what?!

I cannot make head nor tale if what it does and probably not a good idea that I an using my now cracked screen phone to look at it?

Leadership courses for what? If this had been going since 1989 how come everything seems so badly run right now?

How come I could run several of these concurrently while standing on my head with my arms tied behind my back while blindfolded and STILL do a better job than several vastly overpaid people.

I use the words 'vastly overpaid' quite a lot with this blog and that is because people are paid what they expect to be paid rather than what they are worth.

The contrast if the two extremes is quite vast with one being in the hundreds of thousands to millions whole the other is about £3.75!

Hmm or maybe I can take it they train all the world despots and tyrants now then?! Also that they have done since 1989 and responsible for all tosser leaders since that year?!


Or maybe it is to train someone like me?! For what I cannot think of right now and likely won't and seeing David Cameron in one if the pictures immediately makes me suspicious!

Well sudoku this is unfair as ANY high ranking politician appearing would make me suspicious!


"In an unhealthy society, this space is empty. People leave the decisions to governments. They are active in their private lives, but passive towards the world around them"

Quote from the below link I could NOT agree more with!

EDIT: Wait a minute, I am not eligible for this course and another example of how skewed too far things are. Apparently it is only for ethnic minorities which I ask now somewhat confused over, lol.

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