Thursday, 30 January 2014


The real reason that Apple are taking Samsung to court with no foundations whatsoever.

This is the fact that Apple shades dropped because of a fall in sales?!

So you can pay way, WAY over the top for something bland and inferior product. Except now I think people are seeing it abs I think Apple saw this coming.

So instead of coming up with something better they would target polish a turd and tell you its diamonds and try to destroy its rivals to force you to buy theirs.

Never occurred to them that they might buy Sony Android phones, which they ARE, or LG who do a great model in the G2? I wonder if it occurred to them that their iSheep might now think that while all other phones are becoming dirt cheap, Moto G and Nexus, that their Apples will stay high now do that the customers pay for the legal fees that got them nowhere?

No I bet that never occurred to them?

Just one big giant Monopoly board game if all it is to them and pretend cash, lol.

Apple shares fall after muted iPhone sales -

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