Saturday, 25 January 2014


A shame China sinks to things like this.

I have woke up after nodding off after a sickness and some vomiting. I am alert awake for the moment so I looked on my BBC News app and saw this man had been jailed for four years in Beijing.

What for? Well right now the only thing I see is that he asked the government to reveal what they earn?!

Now if this is true there is a huge problem here for the Chinese government. The bloody plain obvious one I'd their claim to be a communist country. That is what the Chinese government like to preach about. Will then does this not mean that they would all right get some not to dissimilar to Xu Zhiyong as her is a lawyer?!


What I also find of interest is that Xu Zhiyong IS A LAWYER?!

Well to make a funny and a damned good point at exactly the same time that if I ever saw a British Lawyer actually do something like this even without the threat of prison or making no cash out of it then you could cover me in engine oil and call me SLICK!!

Now THAT would be a lawyerorbitI would like to work with and be very happy to represent me.

I do hope that Xu Zhiyong gets released. I am normally a pretty good judge of people and this is a story that I will now want to keep an eye on.

Also NO it is not because I would want to hire him as he would only be knowledgeable on Chinese Law which probably has driven him to distraction anyway. I just think it is a shame that no what country it is there is this secret hidden agenda to put down people who do our stand for highly moral beliefs. Not loony lefty morals just normal morals that make sense.

I know a great deal about China, it's history and it's heroes. I possess a growing number of Chinese movies that are second only to American movies! They have a great history and are a great people. But the treatment against them and the prejudices they experienced went to their head. Now thru have fallen into that she old trap...

In their strive to prevent our get revenge even for their previous experiences they end up testing their own prior like shit. The later half of that statement is true everywhere despite the fact the first half if this statement, i.e. the reason, differs wildly.

I have seen it with countries and even with businesses where they start off being the victimised underdog and then grow to become exactly that which they themselves were victim to?!

Those countries, like this one, that have different reasons are now just looking like something from Ancient Egypt and the slaves building the Pyramids of Giza. Only they have been running around trying to find an invisible whip and at the moment they are using the media with a huge push towards TV, first with Channel 4 and possibly with Channel 5 very soon?

Of I was to list other names that I see as starting off the underdog, of which I highly regarded, to becoming the very thing they hated and I still do these would be...

1) Apple
2) Sony

While it could happen to others like

1) AMD

I cannot put Google on that list as they were little more than a black page with a single search field with a name that appealed to Internet using 4 to 10 year olds and somehow got very big in a very short time.

No doubt was through advertising alone which is odd because they have been advertising to an ever growing audience that I have mustered to the time of 100,000 yet I still cannot predict exactly when my first payment will arrive?!

But then you see this is what I do. It is what I have always done. I get involved in things then realise that there is nothing that even comes course to adding or matching up. Then I just let it run its course pointing this out now and then making the truth slowly appear to voters until it become cast iron in their minds.

They never built Rome in a bloody month, let alone a day and I had 60 million people or so to reach just in Britain alone. But then I always had my crafty ways to make that weekly figure of visitors rise ever faster.

In fact when it comes to this it is easy for me to do by increasing the frequency of posts and as well as adding new keywords I can start referencing to things that I am knowledgeable on our just like and increase these keywords further still.

Of my enemies possessed any intelligence at all and had anyone around then that had a half ounce of knowledge in Information Technology then they would have been paying, or should have been, very chose scrutiny to my keywords!! LMAO!

I can decide to do a series of posts in turn and then find a way for those posts to appeal to a particular section of society. I have added two in previous times and purely achieved by simply referencing things within the post that I like.

At the bottom I can now put Apple, Sony and AMD as keywords and if I was to mention day the PlayStation 4 or XBox One, or Xbone as I know they hate that, I could then add them too!

Oh wait I just did... right let me just edit my keywords, lol!

I think the Chinese government must be literally petrified of the Internet. In fact I would be the exact type of person they would want to block and prevent their own people from resting about.

Well if they did not want to I guarantee that they will be attempting to block me now!!


China court jails lawyer Xu Zhiyong

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