Sunday, 26 January 2014


Well it is now becoming a habit of my laying into and making look stupid, greedy and cut off from reality those that are supposed to be running things?!

What will it take for these morons to feck off abroad to work and try and get these insane salaries?!

Please do not come back if you do!

I am afraid any argument about helping economies or businesses over projects like this are dead in the water and have been fur sometime now. But still they think that handing out mountains of cash for something that is now a proved definite DUD with no cash benefits whatsoever to even pay these salaries is percent OK?!


The sheer arrogance combined with incompetence is incredible. In fact I would go add far as starting here and now that the message to those is as follows...

'We do not care that people are starving, committing suicide and that dangerous mental health patients are running free to kill or that disabled petiole are treated lower than dogs (are we being run by radical Muslims?!) we are used to a life of being paid hundreds thousand of pounds and are the only people left she to hire solicitors to win court cases to be paid this money because it would be illegal to expect me to DROP MY STANDARD OF LIVING!!'

Well roughly. In a round about way. Lol!

They really show over and over again as the public's patience gets shorter and shorter and anger gets higher and higher that they are in positions that they should not be allowed anywhere near.

Or as I like to call it...

The salary sizes attracts the wrist kind of people in society and therefore the worst prior for these positions!

Also all you will hear is politicians, mainly Tories I have to admit, moaning they they get paid a pittance as members of parliament?! Well feck of then!! Twats!!

So here we are with a yearly salary, each one enough to buy the house I do not own for times over, for a job you just know will be fecked up, go over budget and break down afterwards placing people in danger or even killing them?!

Same old, same old... TWATS!! LMAO!

Minister defends 'big' HS2 salaries

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