Monday, 20 January 2014


There was one thing I was completely expecting to take place at some point.

The whole idea of posting over and over again on here was that when enough people raise the truth they may realise that the NHS caused the untimely death of a loved one but called it as something else?!

I knew when I tested this blog that I would be looking at being well into my second year of blogging before this would come to light.

It was how I saw a way and received a sign that some things would soon be over when it came to people being treated grossly unfairly, tossed into limbo and being left for dead? In another story a woman who had attempted suicide but then revealed how shocked she was at not only waiting for 6 months to be seen but that the laid back carefree attitude of all Doctors involved was shocking.

As I said all along people are interested in certain careers fur personal gain and not fur the benefit of mankind as a whole?!

Disgusting and contemptible in my opinion and this opinion of mine is going to start reaching my foes. It will then start reverberating among those organisations and continue to do so for sometime to come, lol.

Whatever the plans and sudden actions of those involved it really matters not one jot. The only thing that matters to me is this blog and enough people reading and listening to enough to know the truth.

And THAT is inevitable.

The thing I'd with all this too is I could see what was going on and then realise it was just a matter of time. Simple mathematics 101 with the laws of probability and just a little bit of a push or two from me.

Police investigate A&E wait death

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