Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I returned back at 1.30pm and the sat their for 30 minutes?!

I guess only NHS staff think their time is important and that us mere mortals are not worthy of anything, let alone understanding?! LMAO!

I get called in by a short and pretty Indian Doctor who is a little difficult to understand, my deafness not helping!

She then proceeds by asking me a series of questions about my health history and medication and I am asking myself that they likely pride theirselves on their professionalism and efficiency and yet they are now sitting here frittering it away?!

Hmm after all would it not be a good idea to bloody well LOOK first as if it turned out to be something stupid or an object, say, then ten minutes asking me this stuff is a bloody waste of time!! Yert they SHOUT YOU UP when you try to explain anything?! Well hold onto your hats...

She looks in my left ear and all is OK and then looks in my right ear and asks if I have put anything in my ears and I say, NO. Well of bloody course not, Christ almighty.

I tell her I listen to headphones. I do not tell her that I listen to headphones as it helps me deal with the OTHER difficulties the NHS have REFUSED to deal with for 15 bloody years as I will just be cut off and I will get angry and be blamed the bad guy yet again?! Lol.

She then tells me that there is something from headphones in my ear?!?! I say no bllody way and she then without any injections and pain killers pulls it out and boy does it bloody hurt!! Turns out the day my ears srated hurting I was rushing out the house. I put my headphones in only to have the right one fall out staright away. I then see I have lost a triple flange silicone and I cannot find another. I find the normal silicones and as I have not had much trouble with LOSING the hearing in the left ear I try them on.

Luckily I do not lose the hearing in my left ear but the right one hurt a bit as I put it in which was strange. Of course what it had turned out I had done is have the bloody silicone come off IN MY EAR and I then shoved it in further with yey another one and I had no idea at all this had happened!

Why did it happen? Because the NHS fecking never did as I requested and syringe my bloody ears out!!

Well at least I am going to have them done today?! Errrrrrr....NO!

She then tells me I can go and I say well hang on, what about my ears being syringed out and she says, no! I say well hang on this is the reaosn it happened in the first place, I lose my hearing if I put normal headphones in my left ear and they both lose hearing if the weather is cold and damp.


Deciding I am wasting my time as I have yet again found someone of far superior intellect who has the natural NHS ability all others do of X-Ray vision and decide to leave. Even telling her that I still could not hear in my right ear made no difference?!

SO after thinking I was finally going to have these damed ears syringed out after twenty years of asking they once again managed to wriggle out ot it!

Here is the recording followed by a very important NOTE about it all...


Now you could argue that thi might seem like a deliberate ploy to wind me up to do something?! Yes it might be crazy sounding but all possibilities are exactly that...


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