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Well it takes me awhile to get around to remembering things in the correct order, all gets a bit...backwards sometimes you know? Well no you probably don't actually but you get my point. Hopefully, lol.

Anyway it suddenly occured to me that of course I need to contact the Independent Case Examiners that nobody seems to have heard of, at least none of the disabled and non-disabled people I know both online and off have heard of them.

You know them?! The ombudsman (hmm was they ombudsman?!) to the Department of Work and Pensions who are 'Independent' yet have all their email addresses on the Department of Work and Pensions website?! For example ''.

You know them?! The ones I gave told and proved that I had both Atos and the DWP lying nad they said this was perfectly OK?! Or that my proof was not proof, or whatever bloody excuse thet gave?! I cannot be bothered to look, lol.

Odd how they managed to not find anything wrong but Atos onviously have as they are now trying to wriggle out the contract?! Obviously they do not want to take the entire blame from the British Public for simply  foloowing orders while those that give the orders get away with it?!

Well, I am guessing here. Well actually no I am not as I have endeavoured to put that into the conscious minds of all my enemies and especially that of the front line staff, lol.


Yeah well it was always going to need....a little...NUDGE! You know like 'well when it all goes south for the winter do you think your bosses will hold their hands up or do you think they will scarper while YOU take the blame after earning five times more than you have done for the last ten years?! I think NOT!!'

Plus several others similar things along those very lines and then some. Sort of! Well yes! A whole mountain of things thrown at them to get those juices flowing around their grey matter and to keep bombarding them with these things from all directions so that in the end and they did not know if they were coming or going and during all this I was losing my temper with their laziness and constant inactivity while taking the Britsh Publi's money by way of tax fraud?!?!

Or that sort of thing. Lol!

Yes so sometimes I tend to forget a little...or rather a lot turns out, to actually tie a few things up. Just a few loose ends.

To simply go to each and everyone annd disclose the fineal details and facts that have arisin and despite the all engulfing mire of whence I have plunged them that they might be offered the thnnest of branches in which to pull themselves free?!

Well I have kind of done that with the NHS and I suppose to umm the PHSO really. In all honesty I was a bit kind to the PHSO in actually telling them about the blog. Wellll I can be nice and it is that kind of time in the decade! Lol!

So here then is the olive branch I hold out to the Independent Case Examiners and also reminding them that not only did they ignore me last year when I wrongly self diagnosed Charcot Marie Tooth but now this year and with all that I have achieved with the NHS and hopefully with the PHSO that their ne PIPS Department have now also ignored me, or taken an exyremely inordinate amount of time to decide what the FECK they want to do?! LMFAO!

The olive branch...

Dear Sirs


Hi there, remember me?

Well I have been a little bit busy since I last contacted you, let me tell you! Well I will tell you later at the end and I suggest you play close attention to it.

Yes I got and I do remember your last correspondence, moaning and whining about what I had said and what I had done. It matters not to me not one iota. However I am here with genuine reason to do the things I do and I do it for the British Public and I have a genuine reason to approach everyone that I do.

Now then before I get on with re-requesting action from you before telling you how you got it all wrong I first of should say that from the moment I started my blog, I am assuming I did tell you about my blog, I seem to forget things, I stated to the British Public that I had a genuine cause to approach every public body and ombudsman that I have. I left out the fact I had created my blog to all those I chased down and recorded. Well you never get anything by telling anyone! I then declared that I had the blog and yet even though I did I was aware of the following...

1 That people that work for QUANGOS are so over-confident in their importance and status that I can rely on them not to bother reading it all, or scientifically known as being lazy!

If they had then they would have read from the very beginning way over 18 months ago that I would approach all these public bodies and that the viewers will see that even with my evidence they will not do anything and think they a law unto themselves, I bet you still do and yet this is the one thing I have used to my advantage. Let me tell you though creating the emails on the same server as the DWP was...well very dumb and I really mean that.

Now as I told you that I have a blog, wellllllll that was not entirely true, you see even if I stated that I have several blogs that would be understating it by a fair old margin.

I do like to tell those I am in battle with bits and pieces in anger and let them go away thinking they know everything that I am doing! I prefer to deliberately do these pregnant pauses while other plans of mine fall into place.

Now I request of you that you look at my case again.

Please remember that you have already stated that it is OK for people that are being paid for by the taxpayer to lie and cheat members of the public and namely disabled people.

So that us what I am currently requesting of you and now I will tell you what I have been doing as well as what I have achieved since you last heard from me. I am afraid it is not going to make good reading for you, Atos (they are already aware as they are now trying to get out of their contract!) and the DWP (theirs will happen later this years I can assure you).

1 I was kicked off my GP Surgery list under a false accusation of violent conduct, that was kinda changed to threatening behaviour which was aid in confidence to the GMC as to how angry I was with the GP. Oops for the GMC but they kind if fell into my trap their.

2 Just prior to be being kicked off my surgery while the letter was in the post I was in his surgery and had just come of Gabapentin (which was working but made me ill when I reached 900mg) and asked for Pregabalin. I was refused this and was given Amitriptyline. Although the GP and the GMC, as I am sure you would dearly love to do, their joint statement about my violence was set aflame before it even arrived as I was recording that GP appointment. I decided NOT to argue with the Doctor over the Amitriptyline.

3 After I realised I was kicked of the surgery, literally the letter arrived the following day, which mattered not as I was going to leave anyway, I strangely stumbled across a condition similar to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease but instead had a lot more symptoms in its list a vast majority I had, all 120 of them, that reads one hundred and TWENTY just so there is no confusion.

4 A few days later and to my absolute shock the Amitriptyline had worked, especially as the Doctor had lied to me and on tape about Amitriptyline being a similar drug to Gabapentin and “they are all just painkillers”?! Oops! NUH-UH! I am pretty good on my medications and I told him that Gabapentin is a neurological drug and that Amitriptyline is an antidepressant, though at the time and on the tape you clearly hear me tell him that I was familiar with Amitriptyline and that it is NOT the same kind of drug at all and I was sure used for something else entirely but cannot remember.

5 I entered the Town Library in Enfield Town about two weeks after this to look in a medical dictionary about the new condition I was sure I was afflicted with and I also raised an official complaint about the GP and Surgery via NHS England, which has ruffled quite a few feathers and I am not done yet!! I read my condition and right at the end it stated, in Black's Medical Dictionary, that only two drugs ever worked on this condition...


Yes, Gabapentin and Amitriptyline!!!

For the first time and in all the pills I had been given over the last 13 years I had finally been given to drugs in succession and they turned out to be not only the first but the ONLY TWO DRUGS to ever have a positive and noticeable effect!!

Now you should have worked out what this ultimately means but I find that many people in public offices do not seem to be too bright, or certainly act like it....

...the NHS KNEW for quite sometime that I had this condition and when I self diagnosed Charcot Marie Tooth Disease they realised I was one step away from the real condition!


6 The NHS sent me two reports, one from them about my complaint and one from the GP and there knew not about my blogs and they lied on the reports completely contradicting in several areas what I had recorded on tape and posted on the Internet! Oops! I had already been in contact with the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and had already given them a ticking of for being patronizing towards me and I declared the existence of my blogs, sent them exact addresses to the relevant letters and recordings and the two reports.
Do you know what they did? They sent me a form asking me....'How much money do you want?'

Just prior to getting to this stage with the PHSO I also had acquired a new GP and one that was not an arrogant idiot like the last one. We get on. In fact I told him what had gone before and he said “Thank you for letting me know WHERE I stand?” After several meetings he concurs with my findings and my self diagnosis of...


...and I am to attend the hospital with the countries leading department for the condition and that is already now booked at Guy's Hospital!

So now that you will look at it again you now know that what I have stated all along is TRUE and on top of that please bear in mind I do have the proof and it is making a difference even if you are all too thick skinned to notice but the British Public are.

As for my blogs..

1 I can tell you I passed 100,000 sometime ago

2 I was threatened with legal action by one of my enemies over the blog but who then thought better of it

3 I am being thanked by many, being hailed as a hero by some and it grows ever faster now

4 Someone was going around the Internet PRETENDING to be ME and claim that they were the author of my blogs and I can only guess to win friends are get BROWNIE POINTS for what I did?! Or it was a crap attempt by one of my enemies to try and dirty my name either way it would never work. Hmm was it you?

5 During the previous list of events the NHS called me after finding out about my blog and stated that they would look at my complaint again and would email after getting off the phone telling me what they will do. That email never came and when I spoke to someone at NHS England two weeks later the guy I previously dealt with stated that I must be mistaken as no one from NHS England had contacted me and it must be the PHSO and I told him that the lady stated she was with the NHS. That they would deal with it AGAIN via a different department and that I had not sent the reports to the PHSO yet so could not have rung me about them! Then I thought maybe I had made a mistake so contacted the PHSO and they confirmed it was not them.

But SOMEONE contacted me stating they were looking at the complaint...AGAIN, in fact when they first phoned the she stated she was doing a survey about the complaints procedure! So when I told her that 'of course I am not happy with the reports, they are a bunch of cover up lies and that is clear to everyone that visits my blog' she then stated she would get ANOTHER department to look at it?!


So just to recap, I think it is safe to say that as far as my word goes my readers now take it as if it is made from pure titanium as far as the truth goes! As I have gone on anyone can see that I have beavered away, requested help from those that claim they are supposed to help and take their taxes for their salaries who then do everything they can NOT to help. I stated this from the beginning and by each and everyone stating no, bugger off, lying is perfectly OK even for a Doctor that the game really now is up bar the shouting.

Of course anyone of them could have done as that which they are paid to do and I made it clear to all that if any particular body cannot do it even though I have provided the facts then it is obvious that no one can, unless they already have a diagnosis of course or someone ends up in the tabloids because their partner died of cancer and was treated as a lower life form that that of a dog in the year prior to his death,

I know this because one of my very best friends died of cancer and I watched him slowly die while only me and a mate of mine looked out for him before he did. No one else did! But then if anyone I battled with had any brains whatsoever they would have scrutinised every inch of my blog and discovered that.

I fact that is one of the beauties of the blog and one that the British Public find the most interesting is that I can still run rings around those I correspond with because I know they are too over confident, self obsessed and lazy to check through everything.

SO what happens at the end of it all they end up being shown up for not only defrauding the taxpayer but labelled as utter incompetent with it.

In fact really my blogs were never about me, they was about how badly this country has been run and is being run. It is about where the real waste of the taxpayers money really lies and to show beyond a shadow of a doubt of where this all lies. So when it is known about widely enough the house of cards all falls down.

So yes, at anyone one point any one of the bodies I approached could have genuinely seen that I am honest and someone in need of help and that I had been kicked in the teeth, not for the last couple of years and for twenty years?! Yeah I left that bit out! When the PHSO asked me how much money I wanted I was dumbfounded and was not expecting it. I fact I never gave them an answer, well not DIRECTLY! I simply said that 'I have had this complaint, symptoms of it, going back on my records for twenty years and been asking directly about it for thirteen years. I have had relationship breakdowns over it even within my family and do not even get me started on my daughter?! SO why don't you tell me?!' Or something to that effect!

Now then, once again now I am asking you to look at my complaint again?

You see I do like to allow everyone a sporting chance! Would not really be fair otherwise, would it?! After all there are now a whole heap of new facts and I love it when public offices I have a go at at times think they have gotten away with it and that I have gotten bored and gone away?! Lol!

Many have learned that when the sudden angry responses have evaporated away that it only means that I have many other things happening elsewhere. jussssst miiiigght want to go and check out all 120 symptoms of Fibromyalgia, now the NHS already realise that now I know that I can claim that they abused their position and used the symptoms of Fibromyalgia against me! In fact some symptoms I approached Doctors about they said was, and I QUOTE “down to how much pain you have to deal with” and other symptoms actually laughed off as if I was 13 years of age and asking about growing pains?!

Oh yeah and currently the blog is actually heading for a whole new series, I love doing them I have realised that the have become so popular as my last one got more visitors that others around a similar time, to do with a wall of shame type thing, where I go through each industry in turn and list all names in full of everyone I ever met with or encountered who got it wrong.

The NHS will likely be first as I am now almost done with them, unless they go and try something really stupid which with everything I have will only serve to self-destruct on them. Though I gather from the things being said and the reaction of anyone within the NHS I deal with now I very much doubt this and they certainly do seem to be speaking to me with a level of respect now and knowing full well what both I and my blogs are able to do.

You see you cannot destroy the blogs, you simply cannot just get rid of the blogs. They are indeed indestructible and even a single attempt to take them down will only cause a furore and the numbers of visitors will rise exponentially and quite literally over night!

You see from day one I am showing what I could have done years ago.

I show everyone proof of every single field I am an expert on and there are many and there are , at least, a dozen blogs and yet there are other five subjects I am knowledgeable on that do not have their own blogs...YET!

That does not include the ability to write!

I state that from day one I will spend the next couple years doing a load of stuff and that visitors will watch as all these people take taxpayers money and do everything they can not to do anything but that I will also show people doing stuff, albeit BADLY, to make it look to the public like they do.

I also devised it all in such a way that the more I lose the more I WIN!! Because the more everyone does just as I stated that they will the more people are attracted to my words I post within the pages of my blog.

I also help people to see that they are not alone, that no matter how far down this country and public offices has trod over your lives that there is someone that came through it all more or less unscathed and that they are fighting for them. To change society one step at a time for the better! I stated it would not be easy and that I would have to be brutal many of the times to get to the truth and show the truth. I would have to rattle many cages but that in the long run everyone will see and when everyone sees whatever evil has gone on cannot therefore trick the foolish any more. Because the naive have been given new eyes. These eyes can see through the mire. Those that once thought they were alone will realise that they are not. Those that thought life was not worth living because of the uncaring, amoral evil that has become rife in the UK has been seen, spotted and recorded by one simple disabled guy with nothing more than a laptop and a smart-phone!

The only thing that has ever been raised against me was the threat of violence but while they were concocting that I had spent over eighteen months showing that in reality I needed the patience of a SAINT not to have struck anyone in public office before now and of course here we are talking of Fibromyalgia for way over 15 years and being left homeless five times with the condition by many a local council while they have all the money and homes to all the wrong people.


So I am giving you this fighting chance. In fact I have and will give ALL a fighting chance but I am afraid there are no more excuses after this. In a mere matter of months I would have achieved what I have set out to do and I have spoken to friends and family and stated quite clearly that this year of 2014 is the year when a great many things start to happen. Indeed some even already have and I am being contacted by many companies enquiring as to the size of the number of visitors I have had on my blogs, someone seems to think 100,000 is a lot and I suppose it is bot not for what I want to do.

One million is want I want to achieve! I can also tell you this, that in 18 months I went from getting a couple of visitors a week to over 100,000 and that achieving a million will come up a lot quicker than many realise!

Now that the warmer months are here I can acquire a great deal more content and this will raise the number of weekly visitors and continue to raise then ever faster. To get a head start I uploaded 45 videos in just one upload to YouTube.

Also more and more of my post subject matters have been appearing in the media and I am sure that many have noticed this now. Well lets say that I cover a great deal of news with my own take on news reports and I have achieved 500 likes and this is on just a single blog as well as one of the youngest blogs out there! Even I was surprised with that.

I will now sign off and I will send this email on a weekly basis until someone actually acknowledges receipt of it, and I do not mean your automated messages either. I want confirmation by email that it has been read.

Oh yes I almost forgot the point of asking you to look again at the complaint...

Now you are supposed to make sure they at the DWP are doing their jobs properly?

Well as well as that initial refusal you were supposed to deal with but did not I then applied for DLA yet again just over a year ago as I thought I had Charcot Marie Tooth and I sent off a form stating as much! I was completely ignored on that one.

That is one but I can also now tell you that I have applied again, I went into the local Job Centre, so have witnesses, to phone up as it had told me to do in the letter for Personal Independent Payments but had a guy kept insisting I had to do it online three times, until I showed him the letter I was already brandishing in my hand! So they got that WRONG! I was then given a phone and rang the number on the letter that I was sent, well waddya know it turns out to be WRONG AGAIN and I get given a number but had no pen!! Then the automated answering device hung up on me so I had to go and retrieve a pen from staff, oddly they were gossiping in the corner and I realise my reputation precedes me these days?! I then speak to someone from PIPS who tells me it is a completely different department and completely different people and yet despite public organisation now going completely from paper to digital like the idiots they are that they have no computers nor emails yet. After a series of questions he states he will send off a form to me.

Now BIZARRELY this takes forever and when it finally arrives I am filling it in but have already realised it is NOT A PIPS FORM but instead a ESA form?! SO I email the DWP and I gave them a severe ticking of for incompetence as well as Atos. The latter now seem to speak as if they are humbled and tell me they were 'only doing what they were told!'?!

I fill it in and send it off anyway and two days later and lo and behold the PIPS form finally arrives and must have taken four bloody weeks to arrive?!

I sent this off what must be four weeks ago now, oh I dunno you have the blog address about time you actually did look at it properly instead of thinking you have this all tied up like so many others have done! It is
Once you have informed me of the fact you have read the email then that is the end of things between myself and your outfit.

I just prefer to tie up loose ends too, no mistakes, no excuses and no comebacks.

I prefer to close up the things that I do so that they are watertight.

I look forward to any correspondence I may or may not get with great interest.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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