Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Quite an interesting one this as it is regarding that mud slide in North America.

Now I was quite shocked at the sheer volume of earth that student broke away from a hillside burying many homes and many unfortunate people. Hopefully those still missing will all be found alive?!

But what got my attention was the fact that someone, a scientist possibly, predicted this would happen!!

Now I am very eager to know more about this prediction and why it was totally ignored by all? I have to ask myself if this attitude of ignoring scientists is down to those standing on cardboard soap boxes just wanting to get on TV or a tabloid column?! So you could argue that it's been a case of cry wolf because of bad scientists?! But then there was a certain British scientist who was fired because he refused to lie as he was told to about Cannabis causing mental illnesses! He ended up all over the news because he told the truth!! Many others lie or exaggerate to get themselves noticed!

Still I think before very long now this good and bad science with their associated good and bad scientists will likely clash or certainly appear to be heading for a confrontation...of sorts! Lol!

Hmm now I just had an idea...

In light of the Internet Age there should be a website called something like Predicted Science whereby those that ARE SCIENTISTS can list their predictions in a database that is accessible by the public?

Note that would not only be very cool but cuts out the middlemen of government who try to manipulate science to serve them or the very few higher classes?!

Hmm now I wonder?! Exactly how many middlemen, getting earnings for feck all, can be done away with, meaning they will have to actually find something that CONTRIBUTES TO SOCIETY INSTEAD OF FEEDING OF IT.

Hmm I imagine many are in the process of being rendered severed from any given processes?!

I was thinking how the website Kickstarter does away with banks, or the need for them! Digital Media has almost done away with labels and disc manufacturers. Though I think these will remain in some small capacity especially for films. Possibly for music artists with longevity and not the manufactured rubbish rammed down our throats in these crappy reality/talent shows.

Yes I think for the next 5 years there is going to be a lot of shuffling about? How good it would be to get rid of those vampiric like businesses which do not really serve a purpose or much of a service?

Dearth throws of the Vampire industry, lol!

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