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Funny as I got this email from the  Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman today.

Someone called Johnathan White, please God do not let him be the one to be handling this, was sarcastic and patronising. He did this by starting that 'as we told you before' I was supposed to full in a form!

Funny add this is the fecking first time I know anything about any form to fill in!! I am pretty sure of this...

... but then again as I suffer from Fibromyalgia and this means I have memory lapses and they are the FECKING PARLIAMENTARY HEALTH SERVICES OMBUDSMAN, you might think they would be well aware of this and do something that up until weeks ago they only did by and that is POSTAL SERVICE!!!

All public offices and services have been dreadful for body years when it comes to IT and every office I have dealt with I have told them as much. I have also told them how incompetent they ate with it and lack common sense.

Now I have them ONLY DOING THINGS VIA IT and talking to me like I am the idiot?!
Funny as I did tell them that I publish everything I get do and say and I have told them this there times now?!

Do you think that I should reciprocate as I have more right to be patronising than they have.
Also note that they fully admit that they have all the information I sent them. Which includes several GPs lying and a hospital Doctor admitting he falsified a test result and then such the the lie after I walked out of his clinic?!

Note how the PHSO just do not react to this and basically say, well you have not filled out a form we told you to do we will do feck all about anything you sent us!

Now maybe it is just me but here is an example of the message I actually received from a crap email like that...

1) Yeah we know everyone is lying and refusing treatment drugs and care...

2) We do not actually do anything about it anyway and just now hoping you go away, or give us an excuse not to help you

It is the sheet lack of surprise of any kind and I imagine a face whereby not even do much of an eyebrow is raised?!

But because they feel important because their job title suggests they are despite sitting on their arses doing feck all they think they have done Good given right to talk down to people.

Now maybe it is just me but if I myself held a position within and help agency or advice organisation and especially an Ombudsman I would be crapping my pants what with all the revelations that have hit the news of late! I would also be crapping my pants had I seen this blog and would make every effort to make it look like I was doing something?!

Unless of course they fear that I will see through the charade in mere moments? Lol!
Also this is like a disease and I have seen it before! I call it the Shrimp Factor! Long before public bodies got into IT many, many people would be all sarcastic over the Internet in chat or email that they would not date do face to face! It is like some sort of power trip they get when they act like this because they think that the person at the other end died not know where they are and/or will never meet face to face.

You can tell when they do not have a clue about IT when there are utter crap at formatting with emails, but think themselves clever enough to talk down to you, be sarcastic and patronising to boot.

Also every other public office sends you forms in the post but not this one!! Twats!!

Their email patronising, condescending, sarcastic lol...

Oh crap!!

That is weird! I just read an email that was sarcastic and patronising and now I cannot find it. But I have now found a previous email staying about a form I never read previously?!

Also this body text formatting on Google is playing up so the while thing has switched to bold and italics and you cannot switch back!

Oh wait, of I cut everything change formatting them paste everything that might work?!

Err NOPE!!!

You see the problems now with first of all not accepting anything via IT tech and then switching straight over to it and ditching the old ways?!

Not only are there slot of people out there that are not computer literate and do not own a computer but it is stupid, and I do mean completely stupid, to rely on it SOLELY!!

NOW I will post what I told them and go and look for this condescending email!

Fecking Google!

Ahhh found it, yes they do seem to have stated this before but I was not aware of this! Must be a bloody glitch with the GMail software.

Email To Me from the PHSO..

Thank you for your emails of 1 March 2014.

As I have previously advised you, we need you to fully complete, sign and return the attached complaint form to us. 

I can confirm that we still hold all of the information that you sent to us and we will consider your complaint further once we have received your completed form.

Please note that, until we have received your completed complaint form, we are unable to take any further action.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan White
Customer Services Officer
Office of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Telephone: 0345 015 4033

My reply...

Dear Johnathan White

You only advised once and please do not be sarcastic and assume everyone reads their emails! Added to this you might want to check out Fibromyalgia and it's SYMPTOMS before being sarcastic again.

Added to this what the bloody hell was wrong with the postal service?!

Or are you being sarcastic about sending a form that I do not have?!

It is target hilarious how up until a few weeks ago public offices and  government did not have a damn clue about IT and ask if a sudden your ask experts!!

In future unless you want me to be RUDE I suggest you so with both the sarcasm as well as the patronising tone, who the HELL do you think you are?!

Jesus Christ! No wonder this country is in the absolute bloody mess that it is!

Please tell me it is not you personally going to handle this complaint?!

Martin Haswell BSc

Damn it!! I do not know what went wrong here and went I failed to be alerted to the fact I was sent an attachment, or I think I was Lol, but I had to apologise.

Desire the fact that I still think the PHSO is a waste of space in this instance and the fault lied with the software I had to eat humble pie over the outburst.

Well it had to happen at some point?! LMAO!!!

Don't help that I am bloody out of it tonight either!

Still of I am wrong I have to hold up my hands and but the bullet!

Email Apology...

Dear Jonathan White

I have to apologise for my outburst as you have sent me an email.

But it was marked as having been read?! I have not read it, desire the fact that Fibromyalgia gives me memory lapses! Which is one reason I was annoyed with you.

But public office are really naive when it cones to IT. You have all gone from completely refusing to use it with the public to only accepting things digitally and this is a mistake.

I know this as the letters after my name are too do with software engineering.

I am quite smart and I react badly when I someone is speaking down to me as the lying Doctors I have ran into of late thought they were smarter than I am and are not.

You should have just sent the form in the post!

I have been having issues with the digital devices I am using and I have been, was going to say corresponding but that's a two way street, sending details to Google as their latest Android is quite... BROKEN! I know this because I have the issues and two devices!

Sorry but it is completely native and stupid to go from paper forms only to digital only with no crosses over period and I have been inundated with calls and emails from the public because they do not know how to do it.

I have issues with every public office and this includes YOU. Because I believe that you all take the public's money in wages and expenses like you have done kind of right to while doing nothing for this money.

Yes you and your bosses can write all kinds of things but I am afraid it just won't wash.

This is because you are the last, at least I think, in a very long line of government bodies and public offices I have had a genuine reason to go through and shown that despite the fact that thousands upon thousands of people could not acquire what I did and do nothing.

So everything had become extremely one sided in this country and I fully intended to show this to the British public and indeed the world.

I also have a habit of typing out very lengthy emails because it is a natural part of the process that I can show to the public that I have divulged all information and yet still nothing happens.

The number of people experiencing this 'nothing happening' is increasing rapidly and as they do they find me, on the Internet.

In my eyes and to all members of the public the taking of the public's money under false pretences to achieve goals that never happen is fraud.

Now I fully stated when I started out on line what I have of the last twenty years. Then I explained all the things I was going to do. I also made some predictions along with starting that my own endeavours would get absolutely nowhere.

I have covered dozens and dozens of people from many different organisations, public office, advice organisations, ombudsman's and I even acquired many unexpected things and at least four concerning rather large retail companies... Shop Direct, Argos, B&Q and PC World.

Acquiring it all was easy for me because as I stated on my blog I already knew what the truth was so all I had to do was go through the motions.

What I also stated was to look for the lack of reactions no matter how serous the revelations are.
I will post your form tomorrow and despite the fact that I STILL believe that your organisation will do nothing at the end of it with the lamest of excuses as, as happened a dozen times or more I still apologise profusely for my outburst.


Martin Haswell BSc


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