Monday, 10 March 2014


Well there is the first sign to the damage that has been done to various groups!

Trust in the Internet has gone astray according to the report by the BBC below? Of course the problem was that these things were going to come out one way or another and to blame it on just one individual, Edward Snowdon in other words, is convenient because he is just one man.

But sooner or later someone would have discovered all this and it makes me wonder that their behaviour is the main reason why they over react to people that hack them?! Like Gary McKinnon? The Americans do not know of the touch-paper they have now ignited but they must face up to the fact that they held all and the only matches!

You can fool some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time - quoting someone I do not remember, lol!

Also it is funny when you compare both Gary McKinnon and Edward Snowdon when it comes to the attitudes of the American organisations! They want to fry someone for looking at a few pictures and then fry someone for telling others that the Americans have done not only the same as that of Gary McKinnon they want to fry but have done this with every single person that owns a digital device with a connection to the Internet!!

The names that I could call these fecking American organisations is very long, would turn the air blue and on occasion be quite nasty. But there is more humanity to be found in animals living under rocks and I saw an Octopus in a documentary that showed more feeling and compassion to it's human carers and more intelligence than the American intelligence agencies, like the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigations?! All organisations I used to admire but not anymore I am afraid!

There is a reason I use terms like the new master race when I post about them as everything had to have a beginning!

Trust in the internet 'now missing'

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