Saturday, 22 March 2014


Yeah well if you did not get the title, I am having that sickness, nauseous and out of it feeling I always get but am always praying I don't after getting no sleep at all!

Than the lord for drugs! Lol! Well I have two types of drugs here with Domperidone, which I think is used for sea sickness, and another one called... ummm....Lol called something brand wise starting with 'S' like Stemsil?! Darn it! Cannot find an empty pack and the pills are in my waistcoat which is downstairs and I cannot be motivated to go and retrieve them, until I want another tea that is!

I have mentioned this other drug previously and they are the drug that my last GP stated did not exist and that the only anti vomiting oil was Domperidone. I hope that from that you can take it that I was bit given them by him and instead the hospital and were provided to be by Chase Farm Hospital after being taken up the by someone! Oh it was Harry, as in Dirty Harry which he would Rio around with laughter if he read this! It was an I'd nickname for him.

Oddly Harry has a fair few stories to tell regarding local councils and schools and I would dearly love to cover them on here. But without permission I cannot do that whether it be friends, family or people I have only just met.

It has become so ingrained into the very fibre of everyone's psyche that they can rant off about it but offer to go public on it and get the chance to get help and they suddenly become wary of upsetting the applecart.
It is a shame because what had been done to them by their own authorities had been nothing short of appalling and I do feel bad for them! They have been deserted by public organisations, tricked, lied to and even setup by the very authorities granted powers to help the public and do the opposite.

It is also the case that children have suffered over this too and all of them, bit just one or two, in a most horrific fashion.

Whenever he has shown if it I have always stated how infuriated I get knowing that they are sucking the taxes dry and therefore the country.

It is quite alarming really because not only do their authorities make five that I know of to pull this crap with one of mine being 250 miles north west of here but for several years now I have been told by countless people that there councils and public organisations are the same?! I would not even like to hazard a guess at how many different local councils have been complained about to be but certainly around a dozen at least?!
After awhile when you have heard enough horror stories that your suspicions then start to appear to be pretty close to the truth? That is that you would be hard pressed to find a local council, certainly in England, that someone did not have a horror story about?!

Yup, alarming and despite what I used to tell a solicitor I used to be a Personal Assistant to about Local Councils it had long since proved far worse then even I had imagined!

I...probably wandered off subject there? Just typing this out and trying to not bid off while trying to think of somewhere I can head to at this very easy hour? Hour and half before friends open up but I won't be much fun like this, Lol. Bloody Irwin Mitchell Solicitors have just aired an advert on Planet Rock Radio?! Well I suppose when you only take on the slam dunks while tossing all else to the gutter you will make enough cash to advertise on radio and TV, Lol.

Yup back on topic, err which one? Yup trying to be comical now! Yes I do not think the library is open early? Shame! But then I would privacy end up slumped in the corner?! Still it would be nice to actually go in that building without finding every single seat, desk and spot taken up?! I noticed people plugging their laptops into the wall sockets too last time and did not realise that the library gives away free electric? 

Probably why their selection of books is utterly appalling and been like that since I moved here 7 years ago?! Lol!

Still if you visited three around mid afternoon with your laptop, tablet, phone you city's run them all week on the councils electricity bill?! Lol.

Seriously though I can never figure out why there are so many prior in the place. I mean I only go in the rarely and it is because of that reason if it being full that I avoid it. Annoying for me as it would make a good place to go and get done work done one or twice a week. But you go in and up the stairs and walk an entire circuit and find all place are taken every time! When your having your feet hurting, pain in the groin and knee too it's one of the things that makes you want to scream at everyone and trek them to f... Go away! Lol.
Most other places would involve spending money to hang about in and still be packed anyway!
Hmm I often think how it would be cool to be a member of a club or some sort of get together once or twice a week. A club involving something I am interested in and meeting like mine people. Hmm I did hear that there was an Aquarist Society in Enfield recently which I did not know about.

Oh and now I am rambling! Lol.

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