Sunday, 9 March 2014


Oh my word how weird and wonderful a day can be!

I was out at a different but more local spot today, on a golf course by a pond where I was desperately trying to capture Emperor Dragonflies and Broad Bodied Chasers mid-flight! Unfortunately at the time and little known to me I was on my second used and faulty camera from Argos and by the time I had acquired the camera I have now I had been through no less than FIVE cameras and lost a couple of months worth of photographs and filming?!

Funny thing is had I been making money I would have taken them to court for loss of earnings but I cannot do that! By the time my endeavours have started to make money where I could hire the services of a solicitor the Statute of Limitations would have passed!

However those with little foresight other then filling their coffers and pockets over the coming weeks fail to see that over time it becomes realised by the wider public and then they are going out of business. But then they can go to our governmen and get even more money from out pockets by getting a hand out of the public's taxes?!

So I find it extremely hilarious when they talk about jobless people getting handouts, lol. Even IF they are lazy pratts and do not deserve it it still is no different to that of big business owners who were too lazy of ignored the signs that times were changing and they doggedly refused to change with the times. Probably because they could go begging to the government who would not bat an eyelid, despite what they have done to disabled people.

You work on all that and then you get a day like today?! Fantastic blue skies, blinding sunshine glimmering and sparkling on the surface of water. Then you catch glimpses of the first few butterflies while rows of distant trees appear to made from green wood because the leaf buds are justbeginning to unfurl. Each Spring I marvel at the beauty and the return of warmer weather and the rapidly changing landscape and I cannot help but wonder why those in power and control can be such half-wits or that most of them think that we are?!

I stated a few times that I am a creation of sorts. A creation that I dare say once discovered later in the year whenever the realisation sets in they will not want any repeats of. I wonder if they might fear that others just like me but out there somewhere end up getting drawn towards me? Eventually there could be a group of us with each and every one of us just as clued up, smart and cunning as each other working together?!

My word that would be an awesome thing, it trult would.

Well I am a creation of sorts and I do know this now but still yet to reveal how this is. I guess I should have realised long before now really. I stood in the middle of a traingle of grass which is one of my more local haunts. One I choose to go to to get wildlife content when my legs are not up to cycling too far, so I am always out, well almost, and endeavouring to acquire content. Even on the days I am doing other things that does not involve being among nature I am still tooled up to acquire ever more content.

But every Spring I get days like today and I look out at nature and wonder how we manage to screw it up so badly time after time? I also wonder what it is that forces us to not want to accept mistakes regardless of how minimal or indeed how calamitous they may be. My eyes squint with the brightness of our local star and the warmth bathes me and I feel as if I am snug inside a cocoon. Nature can and has taught me a great deal over the years and despite that there is this invisible barrier whereby you walk from one world or wildlife to the one of humans and the contrast is quite something.

This invisible line is for me an important one and I am sure many an eco-warrior or member of Greenpeace would agree with me if they do not on nothing else. I will state what I think and I only change my mind if I see it for what it is, not just because it is fashionable to do so or that is what the majority believe.

Indeed I have many blogs on many subjects and I cover a great deal on wildlife across three blogs and I am into astronomy and astrophysics too. I am all for saving planets  ad wildlife but I am a stickler for makig sure that if I am going to expend a great deal of time, money and enery into any given path chosen I want to make sure it is not wasted. Because if it is the real danger and the real problem is continuing unchecked and can strike without warning and this is a very simple fact.

It may seem like I digress but no. I do not. Because despite my affinity to nature I do believe that some things should not be going on and I do agree with the attitudes of the super rich owenrs of very big companies and namely that of the oil companies. In fact I can give you an entire list of what I believe to be the problem and that we have been held back as a society and a race.

Might seem an odd thing to say but what I believe to be odd is that if you hold the human race back for too long to hang onto some warped idea of the way things are done so that a tiny percentage can control all the power and the money then all you do eventually is doom the human race. I can also tell you that nine times out of ten this will also involve the doom of those that have held us back.

I went through the years of 2001 with great disappointment and not only is that an understatement I would imagine there are quite a few people who felt exactly the same and for the exact same reason! Of course it is to do with a certain book that was turned into a film by Arthur C Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Forget Jupiter and it's four largest Moons of Ganymede, Europa, Io and....crap I cannot hink of its name, we are still having difficulties and a long wait to sort out Mars?!

As a youg schoolboy I thought we would be on Mars between 2001 and 2005 and I would be 32 to 37 when this happaned? Yeah right! I am currently 45 and now cannot see it happening in my own lifetime!

As for transport, well yes it looks different but nowhere near as much both inside and out! I sometimes wish the worlds supply of oil would jut bloody run out, collapsing an old industry basedon money and power and forcing in a new one that is more modern and benefits for more people than the oil industry does!

I also do believe that a lot of shit should not be pumped into the air either!

These things can be placed on a scale of hypocrisy. For instance on the lower end of ths scale I always think it is hypocrital that people of a certain culture will happily sell things they do not deem good enough for themselves?! One of the best examples of this is things that we consume and that is meat. Or pork to be more specific. In a supermarket that has got up to all kinds of no good and, lets be honest, squeezed a great deal of suppliers into almost going out of business. Yet some supermarket chains are, or were, owned by Jewish people and if you see the absolute shenanigans some of them go through over their own food it makes what they have done in their own stores look quuite hypocritical? At least that is what comes across in my opinion of it all, others may see it differently and I dare say they would say things differently.

But remember this is the low end of the Business Hypocrisy scale. I bet there would be some very choice ones at the top end of the scale?! Like living in a brautiful mansion owning many acres of beautiful land while poisoning a large area of land nowhere near where they are their families could be affected?!

Or someone else made money to live in the same kind of life and landscape through selling houses they made that were built on flood plaims and yet they did feck all to include anything within the grounds of homes they built to deal with any flooding?! Except if they did happen to be flooded out too I bet the local council was visiting them first with help, advice and sandbags?!

You see you can build up a quite interesting table here based on the hypocrisy of many an organisation and company and public services would fit into that too.

I have covered how local councils misuse the humungous amount of money they get and I have stated about organisations that run wildlife parks that get millions from the councils but are utter crap at wildlife management and when someone comes along and offers to workl for them and give free advice they turn it down?!

Some of the things I put up maybe on here and on my Youtube account in the form of scans, photos and even videos may not seem immediately apparent straight away? Indeed many are deliberately meant to look quite obscure, as a mamber of my family has failed to realise despite explaining it twice now. There is a method in my madness that will not be immediately obvious but in time will become obvious. I have seen enough crap management going on in the Lea Valley Wildlife Park the last few years and I am already wondering what they have in store for me during 2014? It looks as if I might get an early start too what with it beuing early March and already had four days of sunshine and the next week predicted to get ever warmer meaning the wildlife will have an early flourish for the most part?!

In going into Lea Valley Park for the first time this year I nearly fell of my bike with laughter even though I had seen the sign before but forgot when I read the words 'Are You AT Risk of Flooding?' by the Environment Agency and I thought 'Yes, mate! But I think you will find the signs are in the wrong place?!'


I did some filming and got some photographs of a few places I have visited but wildlife is sparse in content right now but I now expect a busy week for me this week?! I spotted two Peacock Butterflies and two Small Tortoishells chasing each other today and there was moevement in the water at my Dragonfly pond?! I expect that by midweek I would have gotten maybe half a dozen things and by the much more wildlife will have emerged from its winter slumber?! Of course if this warm spell continues on beyond next weekend I could really have a bumber abundance of content to get off to a damn good start for this year of 2014?!

Mind you it would have to go a bloody long way to make up for the hinderances of having no disability money to help me, the lost months of last year due to shoddy and faulty equipment and the absolutely dreaful weather that went on for a few months.

I would not even like to hazard a guess at what period of time all that has set me back and there was the fact that I did not get to visit as many places I was expecting to last year due to unforeseen sitations that I should have done!

However, there is also one other little detail I should mention on here as it is relevant to the subject matter I cover of corruption and disabled people. This Spring has been....DIFFERENT! What I mean is that I had only been out twice on my bike after a long, long pause ofno cycling. SO much so that my foam handlbar grips had mould growing out of them! U rplaced them with new ones from Halfords. Yet I managed to cycle to Lea Valley Park on only my third day out on my bike and managed to go over bridges OK on my first two days out this year?!

This is not how it normally unfolds and every other Spring has had me take a great deal longer before I can even think about attempting to cycle to Lea Valley Park and Fishers Green?! I also know for a fact that it normally takes 5 or 6 times of venturing out on my bike before I can even go over the various bridges in Enfield! In fact I have referred to this quite a few times and I am sure you will find posts from a year ago where I struggled and had to walk up ad over a brudge several times before I can go over them?! A friend of mine, who no doubt had decided there was nothing up with me and that I was lying about a certain UK Border Agency File I possessed on a radicalised Muslim (see elsewhere for that document), knew that each year I was finding it harder and harder. Now he left to go nack to where he hailed from two years ago now and had heard me say this for about 5 years before he went. Indeed because I used to go out cycling with him and he was faster than me I used to try and get myself fit before the wather improved to where he would ask about us cycling together.

But this year and despite the longest I have ever gone without cycling I have found it fairly easy?! I have not got off my bike at all to tarverse a bridge and it mattered not what bridge too! I did two bridges ir possibly more on my second day and went over both of them with not much trouble?!

So you can imagine my surprise?!

However there is just one little detail that is different to this year and separates it from all other years. The correct prescription drugs and namely Amitriptyline, and I have been wondering about this ease of cycling being down to them?! I really thought that my cycling days may well be numbered ad thought this the last 5 years or more. Now I am not so sure and will be a subject that will be arising from my meeting with Guy's Hospital!

Hmm verrrryyy interesssting!

Also now thinking about plants too, Maples and Orchids!!! More content for two other blogs?! Fish for my aquarium something rare and interesting?! There are three blogs that could see an increase in content?!


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