Saturday, 29 March 2014


Well I have made it no secret that I have been highly suspect of the British news media within this blog.
I have purposes several possibilities, some based on the fact that they have moved on from being politically affiliated to extremely chummy!

However, and do not use this as an excuse, the link in my last post stated at the end that out of the top 25 news media 22 of them has requested from the associated governments?!

Now I could suggest that this is the reason they are picky and choosy because if the monitoring?!

I could suggest that they have all the media tied up but just keeping tabs to see if they such to any verbal or contractual agreement?!

Or I could suggest that no one government could possibly tie up the news media to the entire planet?!
Which I can now tell you that despite giving one and all every single opportunity to do the right thing that in the back of my mind going public online would avoid almost all obstacles that could be placed before me.
My attitude was 'well you may well have been thwarting me but eventually I will create a webpage, show how I have been thwarted previously while I continue being thwarted while posting on here. While for the longest time none had any idea that I was not only doing this but doing so to the world wide public!! That is after all why it is called the world wide web, don't cha know?!

All I had to do was let my anger show, their hissy fits, do a bit of name calling, threatening and use the word solicitors?! I mean I knew there was no Legal Aid and I always new why! Some things I simply could not post on here too early just in case someone did realise what I knew and decided to nip it in the bud early on?! That was a very obvious danger for this blog from day one! Not let too much of my knowledge and understanding out of the proverbial bag too early. If I did it here and there over a very long period then this in power and public office would to to lazy to join all the dots! Then when everything has been posted with tune and date stamps I like keep going until I had been getting enough attention and then start to put those sparse clues into groups for individual posts. Thereby linking together the separate points into one conjoined list of related points to show what had been going on for quite some time?

For arguments sake it is now obvious from my recent description that removal of Legal Aid then followed by control of the NHS to stop scans and tests that then help the DWP and Local Councils to save money. Note if this has been pointed out early on in one single post I might have been disappeared from here before anyone would even notice?

Of course for this plan to work they had to have something linking all of these organisations together and the closest I could get to that is Serco. The only one I have yet to link in to make the formula work is the legal system as far as solicitor are concerned or in the courts?! Does not need to be both! Oh and not forgetting their involvement in the Police Forces either! Which is probably why the Police also do not act on the very same things there is no Legal Aid for? My, my isn't that convenient? So involved with the Police and the legal system does not sound that far fetched any more.

So the wider and mostly innocent public have been corralled, manipulated, misled and ill treated because there is a small faction of society that believe they have some kind of birthright to a life of never ending luxuries. Maybe they need to be renamed scientifically and I will borrow a term that I think was from Marvel Comics when I was a kid?

Homo superior.


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