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Thought I would type out a other report for the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and mention something regarding... that question!!

Then thought 'wellll it should go on here really should it not?!'

I think I can not really do anymore as regards directing them, unless they cannot be bothered to go through the blog and I have to wade through it for exact webpages when, like with solicitors, you do not know what they want, lol. Well half the time you don't outre at least do not know the rules and the laws so do not know what is relevant?!

I mean if you did what the hell would you need solicitors, ombudsman and governing bodies for? Right?! Lol!

Now let us see how this one plays out? Wool I be right fit the umpteenth time on here or will I finally be provided wing by someone?! Lmao!


Dear Johnathan White

There was a question in the firm you have me that I will be honest kind of took me by surprise, I had never really thought about as I never expected to be asked at all and am kind of annoyed I was asked it in the first place.

Still even so I could not answer it because there is a great deal to consider.

You also have to best in mind and I am sorry but Dr John Gubbay and Darren Francis were merely pawns. They just did mitre than I could ever have expected.

I am no idiot and I knew my enemies were not the GPs who say before my but we're much higher up in the NHS hierarchy. I knew that orders were coming down to order people to lie to me and despite the fact the GPs were completely wrong and immoral I was far more interested in working my way up that hierarchy to find out who was ultimately responsible. You have no idea how hard it was knowing I was being lured to add I was being lied to and buying my lip?!

Now to give you an idea of what I refer to in a short version, as this lying goes back thirteen years, I have written a very shabby report but a report nevertheless about this!

What might be of interest to you is the fact I was used to teach a series of medical students numbering about fifty I imagine and that it is obvious that these were all given the wrong training! I did this on a regular basis and yet it was I that discovered I had Fibromyalgia ten years later!!



BSc Applied Computing

Average wage Software Engineer start £28,000 Highest £350,000 +


1 Left homeless several times

2 Lack of Career for well over a decade now!

3 Not seen my daughter much in the last thirteen years, not for last TWO!

4 Painful every day for thirteen ears periods of pain going back seven years plus.

5 Several mental breakdowns and told ridiculously wrong advice

6 Frustration of not knowing what my condition is our how to deal with it!

7 Irretrievable breakdown with family members!! Some lasted years!

8 Two family members and two friends died without knowing what my condition was but we're interested to know.

9 One friend moved far away after twenty years of friendship with doubts over my condition and never got told what it was.

10 Over thirteen years many untold breakdowns with friends over the fact I had no diagnosis.


1 Fibromyalgia now known to go back beyond 13 years since feet became affected, hips, back, skin, anxiety disorder, depression and right hand. Possibly others.

2 Doctors knew of the Fibromyalgia before I did! I diagnosed the condition after three dozen so called health professionals did.

3 I know I2 deliberately jerked around for years in an effort not to diagnose me!

4 It is common knowledge that Doctors and Nurses through the entire UK were asked by the DWP & ATOS to lie about disabled people.

5 In a tribunal the GP on the panel acted in defence of the DWP and was in no way impartial! As was the nurse who assessed me over a freedom pass! This is very easy to prove if your as smart as I am! It was not what they said, it was what they didn't say!! Or did not ask!

6 Prescription Drugs for many conditions were given in too low a dose and when I starred they did not work I was moved on to the next crap drug and it's lowest dose which also did not work!

7 NHS and Government see human beings that are not in work at the time as not worthy of having their pain relieved by drugs or to have money spent in operations or even scans! Easily proved by refusal of medication, avoiding referral and lying about test results!

8 After taking overdose mix of stilnoct and... some painkillers I regretted this and rang for a Doctor to visit, from Tenniswood Road, Carlton House Surgery in Enfield. I awoke several hours later on for of living room. No Doctor had come but I had a missed call. When I phoned the surgery and asked why the Doctor had not arrived a women said "the Doctor had something at home he wanted to do, so rang me and as I did not answer they went home"?! I told her why I did not answer and that I had told them I had taken an overdose and the woman was extremely embarrassed!

9 As a favour to my old surgery and the NHS I used to attend a conference room on a regular basis for a Q&A session with medical students for a Doctor Rahman. Those medical students I now realise were mislead, ill-informed and so given the WRONG TRAINING. I imagine there were about fifty students in all! I particularly like this one!

10 Eaten foods that I should not that have caused me unimaginable pain. Factual that this was unimaginable pain and easily proved when I explain that pressure on the vagus nerve caused a cold weird sweating that made me steep of all my clothes before sudden surge of pain caused me to pass out! That was just one, then there is all the severe heartburn from Oesophagitis, foods that aggravate the Fibromyalgia too and the Costochondrytis! That was nasty add you feel like your difficult because you cannot breathe in more than 25% air without increasing pain. This went on for weeks.

11 One Doctor closed her practise when she looked at my X-Rays and I never got them back but of course had copies later the x-rays were confirmed to show problems but was later retracted, yeah like I would no fecking notice what was going on?! I had known for years and just let them all just do it while I recorded!!

12 Was discharged at an incredibly rapid rate on every occasion. But then not much point in having their time wasted when it is already known what my condition was, just I was not allowed to know!

13 Or in other words all the fecking pain and east of time sending me all over the place when they knew damn well what I had. Dominick Mort saw me in Chase Farm Hospital main hall and recognised my face despite not meeting me before of the NHS having a picture of me?! I BLOODY LOVE THIS ONE!

14 All the while and for thirteen years I had to bit me lip and put up with the fact I being fobbed off! Of course this was incredibly hard the last 7 years and become harder and harder and then the GMC acted with a GP Surgery, Abernethy House, to have me kicked off the register because I said I wanted to hit him, not that I was going to but was a possibility!! BLOODY GREAT THIS ONE!!!  Unfortunately for all involved I fully expected this one. The blog will prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt! Lol! They just needed a little... HELP! If anyone sat there and got rid they was mad and then pint blank refused to listen to a recording that proves you are taking the truth there IS NOT A PERSON IN EARTH THAT WOULD WALK AWAY FROM A PRATT LIKE THAT NOT WANTING TO BREAK HIS JAW!!! NO ONE!



1 Now unable to house myself nor anyone else house me or even do housework.

2 The anxiety and depression over the fact that the rest of my life had been screwed up skiing with the last twenty years!! The endeavours I do today I should have been doing, and had the proper help with ten years ago!!! Today I would not be constantly living in fear of being made homeless again!!! Or those hired, law breaking, fraudsters who are also physically abusing thugs they have the gall to call Bailiffs and the very sad pathetic creatures that are normally living under rocks that work with them, help them and worst of all give them the powers to do what they do!! Or as I like to call them... JUDGES & LOCAL COUNCILS!

3 All the while STILL NO HELP AND STILL NO SUPPORT from anyone and no idea if this will change and what life I will have when I retire?!

4 Ability to see and visit my daughter and grandchildren whose life was also wrecked by the public services who are money as more important and valuable than human life. So each time I see any of them on TV stating how awful it is and how dreadful they feel about the plight of the oppressed in some far away country I absolutely cringe at the bare faced lying going on because a camera or microphone is in close proximity and could be on!!!

I did not know what to put as an answer because it is thirteen years of my life down the drain for starters.
Secondly it was my endeavour to simply run around, metaphorically speaking of course, and record, document, gather and photo my way to acquire as much evidence on corruption I could find in the United Kingdom for whichever public or private organisation I had cause to become involved with.

Unfortunately those that thought themselves as doing the misleading and manipulated were actually being manipulated themselves and it was my full intention to publish all that I acquired on a blog for all to see which is not just the British Public but also the world. It is amazing just how many people simply fail to take on board that the Internet is a window to the world, not just the country?

So my focus was on all that and from day one I stated that not only would all these organisations fail to do what they exist for but that all the ombudsman I approached afterwards about said inaction would also fail to act.

I also knew that even when I declared the existence of my blog I knew that each and every person I spoke to would be so arrogant and over confident that they would not even bother checking the entire blog to see how serious I have made things. I guess when they realised there was 2,000 it could be that they just might have been to lazy!

Either way it did not matter because all I was doing what acquiring, typing and posting. Each and every single one failed to act and despite knowing this I would also become extremely irate at this for various reasons and I would vent my anger. If I get patronised or spoken down to I will vent my anger. Because by doing this I could quite often get some very good replies that would be posted.

So I am trying to explain that everything is on the blog. What I refer to, allude to and much more besides as well as documents and letters going back ten years are all in the blog. Well NOT all of them add there is to much but enough.

There is a search field where you can type in keywords, just as you would doing a Google search. In fact it is actually a Google Blog as are my others. I choose my  own keywords, design and many other aspects of the blogs. So the keywords are chosen wisely, very wisely so the obvious keywords should be used. Like 'NHS', 'audio' and others. As I stated before the NHS was merely a small part of it and were not even the biggest and must challenging organisation, not even close. The Police, MI5 and GCHQ are all on there for a start and oddly another thing that John Gubbay caused me mental over but the proof was long since posted on there! However I did not want him to know about the blog because he lied to me and was sarcastic on only my second visit so knew I cannot trust him and would get quite a few more recordings to go on my blog.

Now I hope that I have made it abundantly clear as I do like to show how much information as well as directions I provide to each organisation that does nothing. Because if they do nothing despite my intelligence and the amount of proof I provide then the simple question that will be asked is... Well who can?

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

There are other things besides what I sent them and I thought of one today which I have now forgotten, lmao!

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